Time for The Times?

January 26, 2009

Anyone who knows me, knows my disdain for Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, Jr. and what he has done to the once venerated The New York Times. By allowing political bias to infect the newsroom “Sully” has done more than just sully the The Times reputation. He has brought disrespect and skepticism to an entire profession.

Certainly, journalists have never been held in high regard by the majority of the American public. To many, they sat neatly on the rung right below used car salesman and above lawyer/politician. But while Americans may not have always liked their “journalists”, they revered their “news”. And no one did “the news” better than “The Gray Lady” herself. They took to heart Adolf Ochs, “All The News That’s Fit To Print.” If it was in “The New York Times”, it had to be true.

Not so under Junior’s tutelage. Since his annoitment as publisher in 1992, The Times has skipped from scandal to scandal with scant apologies and in some cases downright “so what”? The arrogance and bias that now permeates it’s pages has transformed the once proud Times into but another rag peddling for a buck. While the nose may still be safely in the air to avoid the stench, the body is curled up quite comfortabley with the journalistic standards of The National Enquirer.

You have read before my joy of the financial troubles now facing The New York Times Company, and more importantly, Sully and the family. I find it quite appropriate that a main source of family income (NYT company dividends) could be in jeopardy because of Junior’s refusal to return respect to the Times in order to preserve a platform to proliferate his personal political preferences.

It is even more joyful that the mighty TIMES had to be thrown a bone to survive last week by Mexican billionare Carlos Slim. For all it’s railings against capitalism, N.A.F.T.A., and the evils of the rich, it took one of those “rich” men to loan the $250 million the company needed to refinance hundreds of millions more in debt. And any bad financial news for The NYT companies is good news for those few of us left that feel news should be objective and the commentary left for the op/ed page. Hopefully, the news will eventually become bad enough that Junior will either be replaced as publisher with someone with at least half a brain, or even better, the family will be forced to sell once and for all.

Initial story (NTYT) and follow up perspective from Advertising Age below:

Newser-NYT Loan

Ad Age Carlos Slim

Somehow I don’t think this was the type of “hope” and “change” the puppets at the Times were hoping for when they were writing all that dirt on McCain while openly promoting Obama. I can now only “hope” that “change” comes sooner, rather than later, for I really do long for old Times.

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