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January 29, 2009

It’s official. Nancy Pelosi brought down the gavel last night on a Democratic party “economic stimulus bill” (read oink, oink, pork, pork) with not one Republican voting in favor. Just when I’d given up all hope concerning the party of Lincoln they surprise me with a spectacular show of unity and leadership. Eleven Democrats also put country over party and risked the wrath of Pelosi to vote against the spendfest.

Of course it’s getting reported across the mainstream media that the Repbulcians are nothing but obstructionists and don’t “care” about the American people. Just one example is this take from yesterdays (1/28/09) MSNBC’s 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue with David Shuster:

SHUSTER: Here`s the explanation from Paul Ryan. He was writing in “The New York Times” today. He`s a Republican from Wisconsin.
He said, “This is 1936 economics. The Democrats took everything in their filing cabinet that has been piling up for 100 years, threw it in this bill, and called it economic stimulus.”
How accurate or inaccurate is he, John Harwood?

JOHN HARWOOD, CNBC CHIEF WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT: Well, there`s some merit to that argument. I was talking to a veteran Democratic economist today and said, “Is this an optimum plan from a stimulus point of view?” The answer, was, “No, it`s not.”

The discussion continued:

SHUSTER: Todd Harris, do you worry as a strategist about Republicans paying a political price for that direct point?

HARRIS: No, I don`t, because as long as there are things like $260 million for new computers at the State Department, $50 million in funding for the National Endowment for the Arts, I mean, it`s very hard for anyone to say with a straight face that these are stimulative in terms of the economy. And I do think that it was encouraging to see that when Republicans speak with a unified voice in Washington, we actually can still implement change. We can affect the legislation.
I`m talking about the $200 million for contraceptives. Republicans made a big stink about it. Nancy Pelosi got a little embarrassed, I think. She came out in support of it over the weekend, fighting for it. President Obama had to step in and say, no, take that out.
So I think Republicans can wrack up a victory there. And it just shows that if the party can stay unified, we can implement some change.

SHUSTER: Joe Trippi?

TRIPPI: I think it`s obstructionist, though. I mean, you basically have an entire party saying, no, we`re not going to meet you at any part of the path to meeting this crisis. And, you know, they didn`t put any other — I mean, there was just nothing positive about today`s vote. And I think the country out there wants to see this thing addressed, bipartisan — with bipartisanship and with President Obama getting — you know, getting some help from both parties, when he`s been reaching out again with his party tonight.

Notice John Harwood references a DEMOCRATIC ecnomist saying this was not an optimum plan, the Republican (Todd Harris) points out specific pork and flaws, yet all the Democrat (Trippi) can do is tout the DNC line of being just no, no obstructionists, while their great one has bent over backwards. (The only bending Obama did towards Republicans on this bill was giving them his backside and telling them to “kiss it”.)

Merriam-Webster online defines bipartisan as:
of, relating to, or involving members of two parties ; specifically : marked by or involving cooperation, agreement, and compromise between two major political parties

Nancy Pelosi and her cronies define bipartisan as:
of, relating to, or involving members of the Republican party who abandon their principles, constituents and any sense of fiscal discipline to vote with Democrats who allowed no ammendments or modifications.

Hmmmmmmm, the YES vote on the bill consisted of ONLY Democrats, but the NO votes were cast by BOTH Republicans and Democrats. Now, Ms. Pelosi, which vote was the TRUE bipartisan vote?

We can only hope that President Obama is a man of his word and truly does want bipartisan support for the final bill. The Senate will have the opportunity to trim the pork and target funds for maximum impact. How Obama responds to Republican suggestions will give us a good idea of what we’re in for the next four years. Change in Wasington, or only change left in our pockets.

The complete 1600 Pennsylvanie transcript and some good outline links:

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Rasmussen Reports has a new poll that show’s public support for the pork package slipping to 42% with 39% opposed and 19% undecided. There’s also good insight as to the type of stimulus the public desires. (tax cuts vs spending)

Stimulus Support

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