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February 2, 2009

It’s been five days now since President Pelosi, (oops, I know it’s supposed to be Obama, but so far Pelosi’s not only wearing the pants in Washington, she’s got the kahonies to fill them) pushed her “stimulus” bill through the House. It’s also been five days of “you’ve gotta be kidding, right?” from the American public as more and more details of this debacle make the light of day.

We’ve all heard some of the worst:
$650 million more for digital transition (Yes, THAT digital transition that was supposed to happen this February 17th but that the Dems now want to delay. Why squander a perfectly good way to waste even more of your tax dollars?)
$600 million for your federal government to buy new cars. (Just because YOU can’t afford one doesn’t mean we can’t take your tax money and buy US new cars)
$7 billion to modernize federal buildings (Personally I say we’d all be a lot better off if some just were allowed to collapse and whatever program was housed in that building collapse with it.)
On, and on, and on, and on, and on it goes.

It’s easy for me to oppose this pile of garbage, I’m just a guy in Missouri who still clings to a long forgotten idea called “personal responsibility”. It’s easy for the Republicans to oppose this bill, it’s got more pork in it than a Hawaiian Luau. But what about someone who has supported the annointed one and wants him to succeed? Someone with high integrity and an impeccable reputation. What would that person have to say about this bill?

How about:

…”Stuffing this bill with old projects that have been hanging around…stuffing it with more government, government, government, is BAD”….

…”I want REAL stimulus…I want job creating things…electric grid, broadband,…investments in the future”…

…”I’d say no to this one, I think this one needs REAL help”…

The above comments my friends were made by none other than the venerable Mr. Jack Welch during last Thursday’s Squak Box on CNBC.

When asked what shouldn’t be in this bill, Mr. Welch replied:
..”Oh, there’s a mess of stuff”… He then went on to offer insight saying that the process needs to be split into three “buckets” so to speak. One for job creation, the second for social safety (unemployment, food stamps etc) and a third bucket for “all this socialism” to be voted on separately.

While Mr. Welch does not support the stimulus bill in it’s current form, he does support the President (the Obama one) and feels that ultimately he will come around to supporting common sense compromises put forth in the Senate. Let’s hope your right Jack, let’s hope you’re right.

Video from CNBC below:


Welch-Stocks 09

A good summary breakdown of this “economic breakdown” bill from the Wall Street Journal:

WSJ-40 years

And if you’re feeling REALLY brave, go to ReadTheStimulus.org and surf through the entire 647 pages yourself.

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