Christmas First is still the reason for the season

December 25, 2013

Morning has come but is yet another break of day without the sun.  The iced limbs bow down to the snow covered earth before them.  And the temperature is no more forgiving today than it was yesterday.  BUT, it’s CHRISTMAS!  And on this, day of all days, mortal disappointment be not allowed.

For no matter where we are, no matter what our circumstance, no matter if pain or abundant joy, the one and only “reason for the season” has, is and will always be with us if we will only allow.

So from my own piece of peace upon this earth I wish you one and all a safe and MERRY CHRISTMAS.  In the spirit of the man that gave us this day, do not forget those less fortunate of material comfort, and remember in your prayers those needing a little extra warmth in their hearts today.

And an extra prayer, or two, or three, for all our men in women in uniform away from their own families today that we be safe here at home.  God bless them one and all.

And is the annual tradition here at the Corner, a few lines of hope and reminding of what this day is really all about.


The world was but a cradle,
When the infant child was born.
Nothing but a manger,
In which to keep him warm.

 The angels’ chorus sang,
There was frankincense and myrrh,
Yet not a sound he made,
This child, with heart so pure.

 No mortal man could see,
As the star shone down that night,
How this small defenseless babe,
Would fill the world with light.

 For on that peaceful night,
God sent his only son,
That one day he’d be a man,
Eternal life would come.

 So let us now rejoice,
Our souls through him redeemed,
Remember not the presents,
But what Christmas truly means….


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