Globe op/ed page highlights the great national divide: Liberal lunacy vs Conservative common sense

December 26, 2013

 Today’s JoplinGlobe op/ed page is a perfect snapshot of where we are as a country today and just what lies ahead for this nation come 2014.  Two local “Your View” contributors illustrate the liberal lunacy of the left and the common sense conservatism that we’re still lucky enough to have here in this part of the state while Byron York reminds all of us shaking our heads in disbelief at the abomination known as Obamacare that it’s only going to get worse before it gets better.  IF it EVER can get better.

I lead off this morning with a reprint of David Turner’s response to Charles Buchanan’s Sunday Obamacare diatribe and lays out in clear, concise contrast the stark difference between the Buchanan’s of the world and the rest of us who still believe in those founding principles that so many schools don’t even bother to teach any more.

Out of the equation

There is a political struggle between liberals (those who believe government has the answers for all people and can make better decisions for people than the people can make for themselves) and conservatives (those who believe government’s job is to provide a common defense and promote the general welfare and that people can make better decisions for themselves than the government can make for them).

There is an economic struggle between the socialists and the capitalists. The socialists, hiding as Democrats, find it immoral for people to want to keep what they earn. The capitalists wonder why the socialists think that is immoral but taking money from earners and giving it to nonearners is not immoral.

I suggest to Charles Buchanan (Globe, Dec. 22) that, in time, all socialist programs work well until the earners providing the money to pay for such programs run out of money.

There is no comparison between paying someone else’s health bills and the gap between the haves and the have-nots. If you really want to fix that problem, start with the schools.

Time will prove that Obamacare, like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, cost more than Americans can pay. Social Security started with 1 percent of the first $400. Today, it is over 7 percent (plus 7 percent from the employer) on the first $109,000.

Why would a reasonable person believe the other socialist programs wouldn’t have a similar fate?

A reasonable person should ask: What should an indigent person expect from society?

Mr. Buchanan leaves me with the idea that he thinks a reasonable person should be willing to pay the indigent’s bills through government programs. Well shucks, Mr. Buchanan, why should any of us work?

I am a supporter of counties deciding how much they wish to help the indigents who reside there. That means all welfare programs of the federal government be eliminated and the bureaus that manage them be dismantled and the taxes it took to run them be returned to the people. Cook County, Ill., Los Angeles County, Calif., and Jasper County, Mo., would provide all or no help to the indigents.

In my opinion, health care costs in America began climbing the day Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Medicare bill because government has deep pockets and government was going to pay the bills. And government continues to pay the bills with money from the young who get no benefits today but a promise. Simply put, the reason health care is so expensive is because government is involved.

But, Mr. Buchanan, you shall have it your way because the liberals are voted to office by the receivers of the benefits and those who lack the understanding of knowing where and how their tax dollars are redistributed and those who believe having money and keeping money is immoral.

David Turner Lamar

Now contrast the common sense, traditional American values and solutions espoused above with the antithesis to those values and solutions as espoused by the left today.  This particular lefty being one local lib Bob Noel who wrote in to support his fellow bleeding heart Buchanan and as will be the norm for 2014 makes sure to get in a “income inequality” jab as well:

Too soon to call it failure

The Dec. 22 edition of the Globe contained some excellent articles and an editorial on the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion.

The letter by Charles Buchanan was especially relevant to this issue. It appears that, even though the approval rating of the ACA is only 35 percent, some good reports such as the one on the retired nurse in Pittsburg, Kan., are beginning to emerge. Any legislation of this magnitude is likely to have some flaws, but I believe, as does Mr. Buchanan, that it is too soon tocall it a failure. It would be helpful if the Missouri Legislature would stop being obsessed with obstructing Obamacare and do what is best for the citizens of Missouri.

Another issue mentioned is the disproportionate share of wealth, a problem I have addressed in previous letters. When the CEO of Wal-Mart makes $113 million a year and their employees are the biggest recipient of food stamps, you have to believe that something is not quite right.

Bob Noel Lamar

The page rounds out with Byron York describing the pitfuls coming to Republicans and the Obamacare trap looming if the mine field laid by Democrats in 2010 isn’t mapped and crossed very, very carefully.

When such shallow thought as Noel’s and Buchanan’s can find traction in southwest Missouri there is literally no place left in the country safe from the selfishness and economic ignorance of this self destructive behavior.  Some say it’s too “radical” and just “turns off moderates” to call liberalism a “disease”, but what else should we call it?

What else do you call a belief in a philosophy that would destroy the very economic engine that allowed its birth in the first place.  What else would you call a belief that would rather keep millions of citizens in poverty in exchange for a pittance check each month than actually grow an economy that would allow those millions to care for themselves.  What else would you call a belief that attacks people of faith and givers of charity but then demands more in tax dollars to pay for “government” charity?

There is no other word for it.  Liberalism IS a disease and it is rotting out this nation from within. 

The only question remaining is upon which side do you stand?  The cure or the cause?

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