Misplaced Outrage

February 3, 2009

As irate as I am over the giant barge of pork the House Democrats are trying to pass off as an economic stimulus bill, a letter to the editor in my local paper today reminded me I have more than one reason to monitor my blood pressure these days.

The letter was from one of our resident liberal “we care, you don’t, all Republicans are evil” denizens and entitled “Where’s the outrage?” From the title I assumed (I know, I know, ass out of u and me and boy did I) his outrage must be over the “stimulus” bill.

Boy was I wrong.

In just the opening sentence he managed to label three of our area Congressional Representatives as “Neanderthals” because they voted no on the Democrats latest back door attempt to nationalize the healthcare system. But of course in the letter it wasn’t a back door approach to nationalized healthcare, no, in the letter these evil Republicans had just denied healthcare to 4 million children. (Nothing whips up the libs and the media faster than “the children”; it’s always about “the children.”)

His topic was the Children’s Health Insurance Program revision bill that President Pelosi shoved through the week before Co-President Obama’s inauguration The poor soul couldn’t believe that his letter was the first to register the “outrage” that we all should be feeling towards those evil Repubs. He went so far as to tell us we all (letter writers) needed to get our priorities straight.

He was so passionate I began to doubt myself. Perhaps I had missed something. Perhaps the Repubs really were evil Neanderthals riding around in private limos (oops, Daschle’s a Democrat, sorry) on the backs of poor children’s healthcare. So, in the spirit of true “bipartisanship” I did a little research on said bill.

For the record, I should not have doubted myself. Pelosi’s did the same thing with the CHIP bill she’s doing with the “stimulus” package. Telling us one thing out of the Botox side of her mouth, while promising payout to her left nut base from the other.

Using “children’s healthcare” as an excuse she raises the tax on a pack of cigs from $.39 to a $1.00 a pack (disproportionately impacting the working poor), relaxes certain citizenship verification requirements (extra $5 billion plus cost to Medicaid over the next ten years, thank you), directs the Treasury department to study and report to Congress on the magnitude and best way to curb tobacco smuggling (whoopee), and manages to slip in a ban on new physician owned specialty hospitals.

You gotta give the lady credit. She’s got a pair of kahonies bigger than Bill and Hillary combined. How else do you explain the blatant hypocrisy and just out right sliminess? To paraphrase her own recent comments, they won and she just doesn’t care.

It wouldn’t bother me so much if the country was flush with cash and all was well. But we’re not and the economy’s anything but. If we catch someone lying about selling secrets to the Chinese we put them on trial and send em to jail. If we catch someone lying about spending the country into bankruptcy, we call her Madame Speaker and praise her “political shrudeness”.

We can only hope Co-President Obama finds his kohanies and finds em quick. Because if somebody doesn’t reign Pelosi in, and do it quick, children’s healthcare will be the least of our worries.

See the details at washingtonwatch.com:

Schip – WashWatch

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