2014 is yours to choose: Political correctness or Patriot correction?

January 1, 2014

On this January 1st, 2014 we may still call ourselves Americans but we are a nation in trouble, a nation in need, a nation ill of body and a nation weak in soul.

The more I write, the more I post, the more I see, read and absorb via the myriad of outlets available today, the more I pray for my country.

We are, without a doubt, a nation adrift.

The mooring line was cut sometime in the late 60’s, early 70’s and we’ve been watching the shoreline get smaller and smaller on the horizon with each passing year.

We know it’s where we came from, we know it’s the safest and most secure place we would ever want to be, yet try as we might, each time we try to return, the political winds just blow us farther away and further off course.

The lady in the harbor that has been the universal symbol of liberty and freedom the world over? Reduced to a prop for open borders and amnesty.

Those three pieces of paper in the National Archives, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? Their meaning and protections are being eroded with each passing day by a President and a political elite that place agenda and power above all else.

The Fourth Estate that the Founders entrusted as the final front line of freedom, the press? It’s ranks long ago infiltrated by journalism school graduate more worried about ideology and access than speaking truth to power. If not for the internet and a few brave souls scattered here and there who still place founding principles above invites to foundation dinners the establishment of Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth” would have long ago succeeded in the desired “transformation”.

The Captains of Industry of old that built this nation with vision, grit and American individualism? Replaced by tech dudes and pajama boys without a clue of our history or an ounce of common sense. They lobby for comprehensive immigration reform to feed their corporations cheap immigrant labor at the expense of American citizens by day and then rail against the unequal capitalist monster at the fundraiser at night.

The government that was formed in a minimal state to stay safe the freedoms of all? Grown to a behemoth more powerful than any such organization throughout human history. What once built Hoover Dam and connected a nation with the Interstate Highway System now actively closes plants and destroys jobs that don’t meet with regulators ideological approval.

The military that for over two centuries has protected the peace by projecting its force? Still the greatest group of men and women ever to be found but being gutted from within by Pentagon bureaucrats and political appointees determined to promote political correctness over such outdated ideals as duty, honor, country.

The Founding Fathers that pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor for those they would never meet? In schools and universities across the land they are dissected to fit the narrative. Racist, privileged elite only out for their own selfish interests. Once looked up to by generations of students over the years, they are now to be viewed with skepticism. In their place, pop culture flash and political trash.

And that concept of a Citizen Congress and part time legislature set up by those same Founders? Long ago shoved aside by the power, greed and corruption of special interest money and official perks of the office. Collecting 1% level salaries politicians decades past their prime talk of caring for those at the bottom on the campaign trail and then scurry back to Washington as fast as they can to pass laws that only make it worse for the masses while enriching their own egos and bank accounts.

We cannot blame the generations born since the mooring line was cut. They are after all, just products of the environment which we allowed be created.

Standing on deck, texting the person right next to them, OMGing the selfie they just got from their latest BFF, they’ve not a clue that this is not the way it’s just supposed to be. The way it’s always been, the way it will alwys be.

We cannot even blame our contemporaries who are now, one regulation, one executive order, one senate rule change after another destroying the very foundation of America.

We have no one to blame but ourselves. And most importantly, our silence.

Year after year, decade after decade, we “went along to get along”. After all, the shore was still clearly in sight and the quarters on ship were pretty comfortable. Why rock the boat and wind up wet, cold and miserable?

Besides, isn’t “compromise” better than “confrontation”?

For 40 years the left has been marching us along the path to the soft tyranny of an all knowing, all controlling federal government. What was just a core group of radicals in the 60’s has transformed into a warmly clothed, heartily fed, fully financed political army that sees itself closer to its goal today than at any time in American history.

Driven by ideology, fueled by ignorance of history, it will continue to march, it will continue to grow. It will never stop. For that is the very nature of progressive transformation. There is ALWAYS something more that must be done to achieve the nirvana of social justice and equal outcomes.

Facts don’t matter. Truth is relative. The ends forever justify the means.

It will not disband voluntarily. It will not lay down its arms. It is as ruthless and merciless an army as any foreign invader.

The political winds alone will never return us back to the safety of that shore from whence we came. The mutineers have the bridge and control the sails.

The only way to take back our ship of state is one crew member at a time, one local election, one state representative, one senator held accountable at a time.

It will not be easy, it will not come quickly. But if there was ever a time to rock the boat, this is it.

The mid-term elections coming this November are as critical to this nation as the Continental Army surviving Valley Forge or the 101st Airborne holding Bastogne.

Hold the House, take back the Senate and remove Obama’s water boy Harry Reid as majority leader and this nation still has a fighting chance.

Fail and the government steam roller that ran amok in 2009 and 2010 will finish what it started.

And those three founding documents and the principles they embody? Shreds on the floor of history. And while they may be pieced back together by a generation not yet born, they will never again be seen in their unified form as we today know them to be.

Today is the first day of a new year.

You can make it just another day of “there’s nothing I can do” and dutifully march along OR you can make it the first day of the best years left in your life.

You can stay silent to avoid upsetting, or you can speak proud and strong that you have just as much right to speak your mind as those deemed “correct”.

You can go quietly into the night, content to compromise for the sake of compromise, or you can arise each morning determined to fight the good fight. Inspired by the past, propelled by the future.

You can choose the path of least resistance or you can march proud along the path to restoration.

Your country IS your future.

America stands today as the nation she is, not because of one politically correct mediocre flame burning only as bright as a Washington bureaucrat deemed essential and necessary, but because for over two hundred years millions upon millions of individual flames were allowed to burn as bright and intense as they wanted in their own individual pursuit of happiness.

Welcome to 2014 people. Let the battle begin.


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