Gates new book shows the Corner right all along about Obama

January 7, 2014


Turns out this ol Kansas farm boy “radical” Constitutional conservative has had President Obama pretty much pegged from the beginning.

Not that I’m anything special. Millions of Americans just like me; Common sense, midwestern value, “bitter clingers” to their guns and their Bibles, also saw the fraud being perpetrated upon this nation in November 2008 and 2012.

But now thanks to the honesty and integrity of Robert Gates millions of Americans who didn’t or wouldn’t see that fraud will soon be presented yet another window through which to see their Dear Leader.

Washington Post stalwart Bob Woodward reported this afternoon that Gates’ soon to be released book “Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War.” doesn’t hold back on his experience as Secretary of Defense in the Obama administration:

Leveling one of the more serious charges that a defense secretary could make against a commander in chief sending forces into combat, Gates asserts that Obama had more than doubts about the course he had charted in Afghanistan. The president was “skeptical if not outright convinced it would fail,”


Gates writes about Obama with an ambivalence that he does not resolve, praising him as “a man of personal integrity” even as he faults his leadership. Though the book simmers with disappointment in Obama, it reflects outright contempt for Vice President Biden and many of Obama’s top aides.

Biden is accused of “poisoning the well” against the military leadership. Thomas Donilon, initially Obama’s deputy national security adviser, and then-Lt. Gen. Douglas E. Lute, the White House coordinator for the wars, are described as regularly engaged in “aggressive, suspicious, and sometimes condescending and insulting questioning of our military leaders.”

While Woodward reports that Gates does have some good things to say about the current Commander in Chief, the takeaway from the article regarding the book is that when it came down to it, Obama and company are basically nothing but partisan political animals that cannot be trusted and would throw the best of the best of our military under the bus the minute the polls show it would be to their political advantage.

Read the full piece here.

And yes, I do present at this time for those new readers who missed the Corner’s insight into Obama at the time.  From November 25, 2009 a Corner Rewind:

Obama grants Taliban a Happy Thanksgiving

The Taliban and Al Qaeda received another respite from President Obama this week when he decided to yet again postpone a decision on General McChrystal’s request for additional troops in Afghanistan until after the Thanksgiving holiday.

While the AP is reporting that the country (and the forgotten troops already in Afghanistan) will finally be graced with Obama’s “revised” strategy early next week, the delay has been, in military jargon, one fubar after another.

The mess started with an initial review last spring that resulted in the firing of Gen. David McKiernan in May and replacing him with Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal. Because, in Defense Secretary Gate’s words, “fresh thinking” on Afghanistan was urgently needed.

But when that same, hand picked, “fresh thinking”, general plopped a 40,000 troop increase request on the President’s desk in August all of a sudden a “new” review of Afghanistan was needed. (In Obama speech that translates into: Crap, what the hell does McChrystal think he’s doing? He was appointed to be a “different” kind of general. I’ll never get this past my left wing base.)

And so McChrystal and the men and women actually carrying the burden have been forced to wait for months while the White House political machine spun the delays as a deliberate and thoughtful process. (Translated: We’re in it up to our eyeballs now and we don’t have a clue what to do next.)

Even our most staunch ally, Great Britain, is publicly wondering what the hell this White House is doing. It has gotten so bad, that UK Defense Secretary Bob Ainsworth publicly stated Obama’s delays as a reason for loss of British public support for the crucial mission against the Taliban.

But it does now seems that even Obama couldn’t bear the thought of his legacy being the President who lost his own “war of necessity” and will grant McChrystal most of what he wants. (According to AP’s Anne Gearan and Jennifer Loven , the troop increase will be in the 32,000 to 35,000 range.)

So other than providing the President political cover, it appears the delay accomplished precious little. All the while, precious time was lost and even more importantly more precious American blood was spilled.

If FDR had been as indecisive as this President has been so far, instead of the famous: “Yesterday, December 7th, a date which will live in infamy….”, we’d have, “A few months back, on a date I’m not really sure of…..”

Yes, we have to accept the fact that we’re stuck with Obama for another three years, but no, we do not have to continue to tolerate his lies and spin.

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