The mystery ‘conservative’ that could send Hillary packing (Part 2)

January 19, 2014

Part 1 of this column laid out a list of Tea Party style words and accomplishments of a certain ex-Governor who just might be thinking of running for President in 2016.

Part 1 of this column also intentionally did not name said ex-Governor so as to force the focus on the words and the record rather than the name and his party.

Why would I do such?

Because those words and record of fiscal responsibility and libertarian principles aside, the man behind the words and the record in Part 1 is in fact a Democrat.

His name is Brian Schweitzer and he is the former Governor of the Big Sky state of Montana.

A state that voted the Republican candidate for President the past three elections.

He’s smart. He’s media savvy. He’s brutally honest but not a brute when he is.

Think of Will Rogers with a Humvee instead of a horse.

And that makes him dangerous to any candidate from either side of the political aisle that might be mulling a Presidential run about now.

If he does decide to get into 2016 Presidential race he’s going to completely blow up every political model now sitting on the hard drives of every political consultant in the country.

And he’s going to blow em all up, not because he’s a Tea Party candidate ready made for the media to attack, but because he’s a Democrat in the tradition of what Democrats used to be before the left wing hijacked it and demanded a forced landing on the progressive runway to hell.

While Julia and Pajamaboy don’t have a clue, there are still millions of us alive today who remember the Democrat party of our fathers and our grandfathers.

Common sense, fiscally responsible people who despised entitlement and welfare as much as anyone but who also realized that in the greatest nation ever in the annals of human history, surely there was room for a safety net for those who could not help themselves. Primarily, women, children and the infirmed.

Democrats who even in the darkest days of the Great Depression never dreamed of demanding hand outs for the millions of able bodied unemployed men, but rather jobs in which those men could both retain their dignity and produce public works for the national good.

Democrats who would never think of requiring law abiding American citizens to register their fire arms with the government.

Democrats who would have more than a thing or two to say to out of control school districts suspending grade schoolers for pretend guns and administrators re-writing Christmas plays to remove any mention of Christ.

Democrats who would look at the Hollywood, video game, anything goes pop culture their modern day counterparts have created and find themselves sickened.

Democrats who are rolling over in their graves right now as crosses and memorials to the ultimate sacrifice paid by so many are under attack in the name of “civil liberties”.

Democrats who would look at today’s “political correctness” with a level of disdain and disgust just as strongly as any Republican.

Democrats who would be ashamed at the level of corruption and cronyism between a President of their “party of the common man” and the heads of Wall Street hedge funds and multinational corporations.

Brian Schweitzer stands upon those shoulders and boldy declares to all that will listen he is certainly no Obama or Hillary democrat.

And it is precisely because he’s not that kind of a Democrat that he’s so dangerous to any opponent.

He would not hold the economy hostage for the sake of the utopian left wing environmental agenda.

Out of control teachers unions and the anti 2nd amendment crowd would recoil in horror to his stances against their out of the main stream demands.

Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi would be left stammering and drooling on themselves from the shock of a modern Democrat President demanding a balanced budget and return of the federal government to Constitutional boundaries.

And while his libertarian views would certainly cause some to claim calamity just around the corner, millions more would find it quite comforting to once again have a President in office that actually believed in individual rights rather than just read them off the teleprompter.

It is no secret that as a Constitutional conservative I was devastated at the re-election of Barack Obama.

That enough of the American populace had become so ignorant to our history and our meaning that they could support a man and a party that represented everything against that history and meaning was repulsive to every ounce of my being.

That the once revered “4th estate”, the press that the Founders had put so much faith in to protect our liberty and freedoms had turned and was openly promoting such ignorance and division only made it worse.

It’s one thing to go up against a lying, cheating, corrupt political machine. Tis quite another to enjoin battle with one that also has the largest mass media propaganda apparatus in history at its side. One ready to defend the machine and the party at all costs.

Like it or not folks, at this point in history, America IS a nation of government.

Yes, it is bankrupting us. Yes, it is nothing short of stealing from our kids. Yes, it is destroying the family and social fabric of this nation at an alarming rate. Yes, it is eliminating our freedom one right at at time. Yes it is all bad.

And no one wants to hear bad. Especially the perpetual underclass currently living on the sustenance of the state.

The LAST thing they want to hear after 50 years of government taking care of them is that if they vote for you, their government check disappears the day you take the oath.

2012 proved that it matters not the truth of the candidate, it matters only that his/her opponent has the money and lack of integrity to spread as many lies as possible as quickly as possible.

That is how Barack Obama won re-election and that is how Hillary Clinton plans to win election.

Spread the fear far and wide and infuse it deep into the masses and they won’t dare vote for the candidate willing to tell them the reality of their nation. Far better to continue hoping for Utopia than accepting five thousand years of documented history to the contrary.

There is still a long time to go and much still to know about Schweitzer, but considering the current state of the nation and the absolute certainty that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will only further divide us, we could do a lot worse than a common sense, gun carrying ex-Governor from coal and cattle country.

Yes, I would much prefer and will do everything in my meager power to see a Tea Party Constitutional conservative nominated for, and elected to, the Presidency of what’s left of these United States of America come 2016.

But should that effort fail, we had all better hope that the winner is a Schweitzer and not a Clinton.

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4 Responses to The mystery ‘conservative’ that could send Hillary packing (Part 2)

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  2. A Nonny Moose on January 20, 2014 at 8:57 am

    There are many choices for the Republicans in the next election, provided they truly want a conservative – a fact which is by no means certain, based on their primary/nominating practices in recent presidential elections. In addition to Schweitzer, there’s the obvious Ted Cruz, who so scares the left AND the centrists that the media are already trying to destroy him, with the help of the moderate RINOs. There’s Marco Rubio, if the immigration thing hasn’t completely undercut him. If you prefer a governor, there’s Bobby Jindal. (And wouldn’t that be a hoot, to watch the hypocritical leftists who claim “RAAACIST!” every time anyone speaks against an Obama policy try to find a way to criticize Jindal without earning the designation of anti-Indian! Wait… only Republicans can be racist. Sorry, I forgot. Never mind.) There are others who will come to light before the official declaration season in 2015, as well. Any of them would be anti-establishment, if by establishment one means “Democrats with an (R) after their name”. The media, being the media, will push people like Paul Ryan and – God forbid – Chris Christie, and the religious fanatics will have Rick Santorum. Rand Paul may make an appearance, which might not be too bad, since he’s not quite the isolationist loon on foreign policy that his dad is. And the more Paul highlights what a jackass Christie is, the better he looks to me.

    Overall, 2014 will be an interesting year as Republicans jockey for position, and the conservatives elbow at the milquetoast centrists for attention. On the plus side, Obama will still be in charge, which means more and more people will sour on the invasive government and failed policies of the so-called “progressive” wing. The pendulum is due to swing again, and while it usually swings from a moderate leftist to a moderate right winger, one can only hope it will swing from this far-left, “government knows best” crap we have now all the way back to an actual conservative.

    • poetikus on January 20, 2014 at 11:17 am


    • Geoff Caldwell on January 20, 2014 at 11:31 am

      Oh don’t get me wrong, I am fully hoping and will do whatever I can to support an R conservative but if the establishment somehow wins out with a Christie or other Dem lite, I’m going to have a dilemma for sure.
      The kicker for Schweitzer as I see it right now is the Dem party has been hijacked by the left and there’s no way they’re going to approve an NRA “A” rated Democrat that supports the Keystone Pipeline, especially if Hillary does decide to run.
      Question is, can he over come the crazies and win over those who are tried of Hillary’s constant quest and realize she carries even more baggage now than she did in ’08?
      My perfect matchup is a Ted Cruz, or Marco Rubio or even a Rand Paul (who as you note is not near the isolationist Daddy is) against a Hillary. Yes, the media will TRY to crucify the Republican for the “first woman President” but a quick counter to that would be, “didn’t we get all wrapped up in the hype about a first black President?” How’d that work out.
      Then there’s Benghazi and blowing up her “Great Secretary of State” false narrative.
      If the Dems nominate Hillary and the Republicans nominate a true conservative who can actually ARTICULATE the VALUE and BENEFITS of conservatism then it’s a no brainer and the nation is finally out of the misery that is Hillary Clinton.
      IF however, Schweitzer does become the nominee it makes it harder for even the best of the conservatives. Because of the constant media hate fest and fear mongering of anything conservative far too many won’t even bother to listen to the message, they’ll just vote the D.
      In the end, I see 2016 as the final verdict on whether we really did reach the tipping point in 2012 or if the skin color and lies were what re-elected Obama.
      If only there was a conservative woman we could put up against either Hillary or Schweitzer it’d be all over. I really like Cathy McMorris-Rodgers but Boehner just hasn’t given her a hefty enough position to get her the publicity she needs in the House.
      Time will tell, time will tell.
      But no matter how it develops, it’s gonna be one helluva ride!


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