A Racist Tea Party Republican and his Immigration Manifesto

February 1, 2014

Just a glimpse of the garbage left on the Arizona border by illegals crossing from Mexico. www.frugal-cafe.com

The Hypothetical:

You’re away on vacation. A vacation you’ve saved for for so long you don’t even remember when you first started saving. Worked countless hours of overtime for. Looked forward for years to it.

And it does indeed turn out to be the perfect vacation.

You return home, put the key in the lock, open the front door and ………..

Your great-grandmother’s lamp that had illuminated the entry way corner for what seemed like forever lay in pieces on the floor. It and every ounce of your being shattered.

Flat screen, gone. Surround sound, gone. Your DVD collection, blue ray player, gone.

You hurry to the bedroom, to the box on top of your dresser where all the valuables were left behind for safety. No box. No valuables.

And then you smell it. What IS it? Rank and pungent you follow it into the kitchen. The final kick in the gut. Whoever did this was so arrogant they even raided the fridge. But of course couldn’t be bothered with putting the leftovers back, nope, just left em on the counter to rot in place.

You find the busted back door where they made their way in. You continue, check each room. It gets worse. Two of the beds have been slept in.

It wasn’t just a break in, grab and run, they had stayed over night!

And that smell. Yet another one. You enter the bathroom, you gag. The toilet clogged, full of their waste they didn’t even bother to flush.

You are, a blob of numb.  Between the shock, the sorrow, the shattering of security, nothing gets through, you collapse in exhaustion.

Two weeks later you get a call from the police. They’ve made a bust. Some of your stuff was found at the perps house, come down to the station when can.

Three months go by, the trial date arrives. The slugs that had so little respect for you are finally going to come to consequence for what they did to you and so many others.

The verdict, guilty. Relief, vindication. But then the sentence, probation, time served.

You shout, you seethe at the judge, What the hell?

You’re told:

They were just first time offenders, they were homeless, they had nothing, they were just doing what they could to survive. We must show them compassion for their transgressions not incarcerate them for their circumstance. After all, they are really the “victims” in this whole sordid affair. They didn’t win “life’s lottery” like you did. They had nothing, and you, everything they did not. YOU actually OWE them!

 The Reality:

Do you find yourself wondering right about now if I took my own vacation and am writing this column from my rental loft above a local Denver pot store?

I wouldn’t blame you if you are. The scenario I describe is so outlandish, so void of reality that such could only live in the imagination of a pot filled head.

Yet, except for some embellishment for effect, it is a very real scenario and it’s been happening right here in America for over three decades and counting.

“It” is illegal immigration and “it” is on the verge of destroying over 200 years of American sovereignty and her rule of law.

 One by one, night after night, year after year they come. Walking through one unsecured back door after another.

First they just party for awhile, take what they can, move on. But then they decide to stay, set down roots. And then they demand. Schools, healthcare, wages, accommodations, after all, it’s their “right”.

YOU are the one who left the back door open. YOU are the one who has so much. YOU are the greedy, compassionate one. YOU must change YOUR ways.  And if you disagree, if you instead dare to expect the back door be shut and secured and that only those asked to come in are allowed through, then YOU are a RACIST.

 Sounds crazy I know.

The irrationality of the argument flies in the face of every rational thought every thinking man or woman since the dawn of time has had.

Yet it is exactly the argument being made by illegal aliens and their supporters from L.A. to Seattle, to Madison, to New York, to Miami.

They’ve “lived by the rules”, they’ve “worked hard all their lives”, they “deserve a chance” they shouldn’t have to “live in the shadows”. (Perhaps if they hadn’t chosen to enter America under the shadow of darkness they wouldn’t be still living under one?)

 And to a one, they never mention that their very first act on American soil was to break her laws. In their world, in their rational that is point trivial in the grand mosaic that is the American dream and their “right” to participate in it.

That is the attack liberals have been using against conservatives since Ronald Reagan signed the FIRST immigration reform bill back in 1986.  In that bill, amnesty came first with “steps” to secure the border coming second. Those “second steps” never came and to date millions have infiltrated across our southern border to sit in wait for the next round of amnesty.

And judging by the level of vitriol being spewed against anyone who disagrees with them, those millions are getting tired of waiting.

It’s one thing to be called a racist by Chuck Schumer who salivates himself to sleep each night over the prospect of millions of new Democrat voters, or a Mark Zuckerberg or U.S. Chamber of Commerce type dreaming of all the cheap labor those “immigrants” can provide at the expense of American citizens, it’s quite another to have it come from your own party leadership.

The current race between John Boehner and Paul Ryan as to who can pander more to the special interest groups demanding a “pathway to citizenship” for illegals and corporations wanting depressed wages for their bottom lines would be comical if the stakes were not so high.

But what is more devastating is that the hate for the Tea Party among some Republicans is so strong that the “R” word has now been used against their own.

John Stanton of Buzzfeed got the quote of the decade out of the Republican retreat this week regarding House inaction on immigration reform:

And although there are a variety of reasons for inaction, one Republican lawmaker recently offered a frank acknowledgement that for many House Republicans, there’s one issue at play that’s not often discussed: race.

 “Part of it, I think — and I hate to say this, because these are my people — but I hate to say it, but it’s racial,” said the Southern Republican lawmaker, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “If you go to town halls people say things like, ‘These people have different cultural customs than we do.’ And that’s code for race.”

Of course that “one Republican lawmaker” is an “anonymous Republican lawmaker” who doesn’t have the ba!!s to stand by his words publicly.

But whoever he is, he got what he wanted. Type, “republicans, racist, immigration” in any search engine and headline after headline screams: “Republicans admit racism”, “Congressman admits racism”, “racism drives GOP opposition”.

If you thought Harry Reid’s “I’ve been told, that Mitt Romney hasn’t paid his taxes” crap was low, that’s a deer turd compared to the steaming pile of bovine excrement just dumped out of that “lawmaker’s” mouth.

But if that’s the way “he” wants to play it, so be it. I’ll happily play along.

I admit it. When it comes to the current illegal immigration debate I’m as racist as they come.

IF you define “racist” as being:

An American citizen who expects his federal government to uphold the laws of the land and to secure the border and protect the sovereignty of said land.

An American taxpayer who does not want to see precious resources diverted away from disabled veterans, women, children, the aged and the in-firmed who are citizens of this great nation to be given to illegal aliens who broke our laws.

An American who while he himself is a product of immigration is proud to cal himself an American first and leave the hyphen at the door.

An American who actually knows the history of immigration in this country and that immigration only works when said immigrants openly and eagerly assimilate into American society.

An American that is unwilling to perform the required suspension of disbelief in order to believe that you can somehow “legalize” millions of low skilled workers and not depress the wages of every other worker.

An American who knows that except for one, every other “culture” that has immigrated learned English not as a second language but as their first. And they did not decry it as demeaning, they embraced it as their own.

An American who weeps at every playing of taps and seethes in anger when he sees the Mexican flag flying above the Stars and Stripes that so many paid the ultimate price to keep flying.

An American that has no problem finding a way to accommodate those illegals who were brought here as children by no choice of their own but has every problem granting the most precious treasure on this planet, American citizenship, to anyone, of any race, of any culture, of any creed who’s first act was to disrespect our sovereignty.

 I don’t know exactly why that “southern Republican lawmaker” is so ignorant of fact and history that he would equate American citizens expecting rule of law and respect for American sovereignty with being racist but I have a fairly educated guess; The branch of the party occupied by that “lawmaker” is so beholden to it’s corporate special interests and so hating of those upstart Tea Partiers, the he and his ilk are willing to sacrifice his party AND his country for the sake of their own individual islands of power.

I’d like to ask that “lawmaker” just why he chose to make such an inflammatory lie, but I can’t.

I can’t because he’s a coward. A coward of the worst order.

Because only a coward throws out a blanket accusation and then hides behind anonymity to cover his ass.

I’ve been expressing my views on this nation and her greatness in written word and spoken form for more years than I care to count, but not once, not once mind you have I not stood by them.

You may not agree with me, you may think me lower than low, you may be one who prefers my print column at the bottom of the bird cage as to the starting point of discussion, but you will ALWAYS know where I stand and why.

And if standing up for the rule of law, the constitution, and the rights of the American citizen over the interests of the specialed classes makes me a racist by their made up definition, then so be it.

I stand tall and I wear it proud.

God Bless the United States of America.

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