Editorial cartoons: Make a point, yes, spread misinformation and stereotypes, no.

February 9, 2014

You’ve heard about it, you’ve read about it, now see it right in front of you: Liberal media painting conservative Americans as racist, uncaring ba*tards for daring to have an opposing view.

And in the examples below you see the paintings literally. They are the work of one Rob Rogers, award winning editorial cartoonist for the Pittsburg Post-Gazette.

Distributed by Universal Uclick, his overview on that site states:

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorial cartoonist Rob Rogers has been creating cartoons with impact since his college days. “His is a winning combination of dry wit, draftsmanship and a keen understanding of the humorous possibilities in current events,” wrote the Chicago Tribune about Rogers’ work. His cartoons have appeared in the Tribune as well as in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Newsweek, USA Today and other major newspapers and magazines. Rogers and his cartoons have also appeared on NBC’s “Today,” CBS’s “Face the Nation,” and ABC’s “Good Morning America Sunday.” Rogers says, “If I beat someone over the head with an opinion, all they walk away with is a sore head. If I can make them laugh, I know I’ve reached them.”

Yet two of Rogers’ latest pieces that somehow found their way onto the op/ed pages of my very own Joplin Globe are anything but laughing matters. I post them and a couple others as further example of just how closed and how small the liberal mind of today has become.

There is no debating, the cartoon talent of Mr. Rogers (the individual, not the neighborhood). But there should be plenty of debate about using the editorial cartoon platform to promote blanket falsehoods and perpetuate hateful stereotypes against millions of Americans.

Am I overreacting? Take a look for yourself.

 My ire first ticked up when yesterday’s Globe edition carried Rogers’ “American Gothic” implying that the new farm bill would leave Americans starving because of the small cuts in the Food Stamp program. A program that has more than doubled in yearly outlays under Obama and is perhaps one of the most abused and fraud laced programs in the entire federal government.  Yes, Big Ag got FAR more than it should have but blame for that rests more on democrat lawmakers who refused to allow the long needed splitting of the farm bill into two programs:  Food Stamps and Farm Subsidies.  Only then will the pork be dealt with.

Said ire ticked even further up the disgust level when I opened today’s paper. For the second day in a row a blanket mocking completely out of context and void of fact.

The second cartoon below mocks the CBO report that Obamacare would lead to over 2 million less jobs in the American economy as just another GOP talking point. While dutifuly promoting the White House talking point that Obamacare provides millions of Americans “freedom and choices” NOT to work it is a disservice to the public to let them think that a disincentive to work and incentive to go on government subsidy is somehow good for the American economy.  Not to mention what it does for all the rest of us who actually have to PAY for freeing all those obamabots from job jail.

The lede cartoon illustrates the Church of Climatalogy mentality so imbedded into the minds of the left today and the final example below shows what seems to be the abject hatred Rogers has towards Americans that dare believe that if you want to immigrate to this great nation you should at least have enough respect for her to 1. Do it legally, 2. assimilate once you do and 3. use the English language that has bound us since our founding.

Considering how hard I pound the liberal mindset on a daily basis I fully expect more than one from that crowd to hit me with the “hypocrite” label loudly and often.  Yet to all I have a simple reply:

Yes I hit hard, but I hit with the facts behind the spin to back it up.  Rogers’ cartoons do not.  They only serve to perpetuate stereotypes and yes, they promote hate against a very, very large segment of the American populace.  Hate that if he was promoting it from the right side of the political spectrum would see all those awards from the liberal media elite replaced by ostracism and calls for his firing.

I don’t want to see him fired.  I just want to see him exposed.  Exposed for the American hating, commie loving, award winning idiot that he is.  (Did I use too broad a brush?)  You get the point.

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