Holy Julio!

February 11, 2009

During the “it’s all about me” and it “depends on what the definition of is, is” Clinton era I often contemplated if this country could survive in a time of true need for sacrifice. (The Great Depression, Pearl Harbor and WWII, etc) The first couple years after 9/11 gave me hope.

Turns out my hope was brief indeed. As the immediate threat waned and Bush blundered beyond belief, Pelosi and company re-kindled the “what about me” attitude, re-engaged the class warfare and gave us what we have today. Tens of millions of citizens across the country looking to the federal government (Obama specifically) to solve their own personal problems.

I could go on about how government can’t create wealth, only re-distribute it, how borrowing/printing almost a trillion dollars to pay for the “stimulus” bill has dangers far beyond the immediate crisis of today (doesn’t ANYBOBY in Washington remember the 70’s, hell I know they’re all OLD enough for crying out loud), or that it would be more productive to stimulate small businesses and correct our corporate tax structure.

Yes, I could keystroke for hours on the pitfalls of Pelosi’s pork but why? Why bother with reason when it’s going to fall upon the ears of Julio in the video below? Yes, I’m on the tail end of the boomer cycle. Yes, I’ve had it pretty damn good so far. BUT, I remember the first hand accounts of the 30’s and 40’s from mom/pop and the grandparents. The amount of sacrifice during those years isn’t even a spit in the bucket compared to today.

The “greatest generation” didn’t get that title by looking to the federal government to bail them out. If Julio and his political pals don’t get a grip and get it quick, this country doesn’t have a snowball’s chance.

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