Nevada BLM – Bundy standoff is about more than just one man

April 23, 2014

Imagine that all your life you’ve spent your days working your ranch and your nights nursing the callouses, the aches and the pains that come from working that ranch.

Imagine that though the Bureau of Land Management is your largest landlord, you’ve had a good relationship and paid grazing fees for years.

Imagine then receiving notice one day that out of the blue the landlord is arbitrarily changing the rules.

Imagine also finding out the reason for said change is that the city of Las Vegas replaced centuries old desert tortoise habitat with urban sprawl and new land is now needed. And no, there will be no negotiation, no accommodation, the tortoise is your new master.

Imagine that and you just entered the reality that hit Cliven Bundy in 1993.

He wasn’t some right wing anarchist denying the government’s right to exist. He’d paid his taxes, he’d paid his grazing fees, he had abided by the law.

But now the law, via administrative fiat was being turned against him and used in a way that had but only one end: his ranch gone, his lively hood destroyed. He didn’t have skills for a city job, he was a rancher, how would he provide for his family?

That was the reality that caused him to take on the most powerful force in the world, the United States Federal Government.

He went to court, he appealed, he went back to court. And he lost every time. Why wouldn’t he? The courts were there to uphold the law and the law was whatever BLM regulations said it was. (Think immigration law under Obama.)

Never mind if those regulations made sense or were even needed. The bureaucracy had ruled and therefore it must be so.

You’ve heard armchair academics call Bundy a “welfare queen rancher”, watched Senator Harry Reid label his supporters as “domestic terrorist wannabes”, and read claims that Bundy requested armed intervention, (He has in fact called for peace from day one.) but do you know the truth behind the spin?

Search “Washington Post Bundy facts” on the internet and read Jaime Fuller’s time line and you’ll find Cliven Bundy is not the lone lunatic the left wants you to believe.

He’s just the last man standing.

You’ll never hear the broadcast news or the legacy print media report on the back story.  They’ve got their soundbites and they’re sticking with them:  “Bundy owes $1 million in back fees so he’s a free loader”, “Bundy’s just a racist old nut so therefore the BLM is right to do what it wants”, and “Bundy’s an anarchist who doesn’t pay his taxes”.  You’ll never hear them report on how it was environmentalists and threats of lawsuits that drove both sides to the cliff they’re at today.  And you’ll certainly never read anything about any connections or behind the scenes manipulation involving Harry Reid and his son Rory.

Cliven Bundy as a speaker for the small government movement is, to put it mildly, about the worst we could get.  It’s only a matter of time before he opens his mouth and out comes something that the left will be able to shriek with glee:  “SEE we TOLD YOU he was a racists old coot.  Now WE own the narrative and we’re going to bury you in it.  You’re ALL just a bunch of white-privileged backwater racist neanderthals who don’t even deserve to walk the planet, let alone have the honor of American citizenship.”

That’s the danger of hitching the wagon to a Cliven Bundy.  You  appreciates the ride as a means to get the word out, but you find yourself looking down at that left front wheel wobbling more than it should and have a nagging suspicion it’s getting ready to fly off the axle and end it all in a cloud of dust and a pile of broken bones.

Do you know that Cliven Bundy was but just one of many and that it was hundreds of thousands of acres the BLM changed the status of in 1993?

Do you know that the way the BLM redefined the use of the land it was never about collecting grazing fees?  That the new restrictions all but assured Bundy or anyone else for that matter, could not run enough head of cattle to make it financially viable.

Do you know the BLM has yet to produce documents showing how it arrived at its $1 million owed figure? And why spend upwards of $3 million taxpayer dollars for a debt of 1?

Do you know that two prize bulls and additional carcasses are now being found in a BLM dug mass grave? If you’re there to collect a debt wouldn’t you want to preserve the assets, not kill them?

And why should you care about a lone rancher in Nevada?

Well for one, did you know that at this very moment the EPA is trying to redefine the Clean Water Act to allow it to regulate virtually every trickle of water in the country? Yes, even that dry bed in your back yard that only flows once a year.

This is the same EPA trying to regulate wood burning stoves out of existence as well.  And don’t forget the increased energy bills for all Americans, including the poor the dems supposedly “care” so much about, with ethanol mandates, ridiculous miles per gallon standards, and the very real and very costly war on coal generated electricity.

The BLM is kindergarten compared to the hell the EPA can rein down upon you.

Lincoln’s “government of the people, by the people and for the people” is fast becoming “government of the bureaucracy, run by the bureaucracy, and for the perpetuation of that bureaucracy”.

Do we not owe future generations more than to bind them as serfs to their regulatory masters?

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  1. […] I know I’ll never see Media Matters or the NYT write a story on the principles Bundy was attempting to discuss in his speech but I also know that the time is fast approaching that if this 4th branch of government by regulation is not reigned in it won’t matter what your skin color, we’ll all be serfs to our regulatory masters. […]


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