Friday Follies: WaPo’s Lowery Ferguson fame, Lyons licks for Mann, NEA funds smut, Obama hits Israel, Illegals get pampered

August 15, 2014

Liberal hypocrisy masquerading as thought bookends the Follies this week with some “our child President needs a booster seat for the Oval Office”, tax payer funded smut films, and illegals getting it better than citizens sandwiched in between for yet another: “Tis that time once again when we take stock of the inane and foolish put upon us by those forced to navigate life with an amount of gray matter just slightly larger than that found in your average toad.”

#5  Liberal Gene Lyons comes out against free speech.

Left to the left of Lenin Arkansas Times columnist Gene Lyons starts us off with a broad brush stereotype oozing attack on “climate deniers” as he explains why harsh criticism and name calling of Michael Mann (the climate change guru who gave Al Gore his famous “hockey stick”) should be squashed by a court.

I swear I remember a time when liberals were FOR free speech and the First Amendment but after reading Lyon’s ad hominem attack I realize my memory has failed me.  It’s not open and unfettered debate the liberals want, but rather politically correct, closed circle, sham debate that defends the status quo.

Trevor Burrus points out in Forbes what you won’t read in Lyons collection of cacophony:

Specifically, Mann alleged that four phrases in Simberg’s post were defamatory: “data manipulation,” “academic and scientific misconduct,” “posterboy of the corrupt and disgraced climate science echo chamber,” and accusing the Penn State professor of molesting his data and thus being the “Jerry Sandusky of climate science.” He also cited a subsequent CEI press release that called his research “intellectually bogus.”

While some of these phrases might be impolitic and unprofessional, they are not defamatory. Pugnacious rhetoric is still protected by the First Amendment, especially in matters of public debate. Words like “fraud,” “corrupt,” “misconduct,” and “manipulation” could feasibly be defamatory if they were alleging actual criminal misconduct, but, in this context, it is well-understood that those phrases are not alleging technical law-breaking. Instead, they are used to raise the rhetorical punch of a phrase.

The entire situation is silly. If this were a playground, Dr. Mann would be a tattle-tale who complains to the teacher that someone said mean things about him. After spending years arguing that climate-change skeptics are shills for big oil, Mann has apparently decided that the government should shut them up instead.

Tattle-tale indeed.  But that’s the reaction you always get from the left these days.  Dare to get under the skin and BAM, it’s time to shut you up.

It should also be noted that Lyons column states that it was National Review blogger Mark Steyn that dared to so viciously attack his climate hero when instead all Steyn did was quote what Rand Simberg had already written in his own blog post.

But yet Mann is suing Steyn and National Review?  For re-posting what someone else said?  Now THAT’s petty.  THAT’s childish.  THAT’s not the behavior of a professional scientist.

But then again, when you look at the WHOLE picture and ALL sides, climate change really never has been about “science” has it?

Unless science is now defined as who can procure the most government grants to promote the desired outcome that in turn procures more government grants and in turn further promotes the desired outcome which in turn………you get it.

#4  National Endowment for the Arts promotes sexually explicit, gratuitously violent movies

Following up its great reporting on federal workers justifying their surfing porn at the office, the Washington Times exposes just what type of “art” our tax dollars are funding:

Among the films featured at taxpayer-subsidized film festivals were “Wawd Ahp,” a short film in which a rapper decapitates himself, then has sex with his own severed head in a bathtub; and “Eczemus,” which uses stop-motion animation to portray a man urinating a stream of blood while pummeling a baby bird to death and watching his dog defecate.

“Farah Goes Bang,” a feature about a young woman’s desperate attempts to lose her virginity while working for John F. Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign, has been shown at several film festivals funded by the NEA over the past two years.

I have to confess.  While the idea of a rapper self-decapitating and removing at least one degenerate from the gene pool the fact that it’s not a real removal from the gene pool AND I’m PAYING for it pretty much takes all the joy out of it.

But yet those of us living our here in fly-over country who just want a small, simple federal government living within its means and leaving its citizens alone are the “extremists”.

#3  Illegal immigrant children get first-class treatment at taxpayers’ expense

As millions of families across America are struggling to buy the clothes, supplies and pay all the fees to send their own legal children to back to school this month you’ll be happy to know that thanks to the Obama administration and your tax dollars illegal immigrant children will not have to endure such struggles.

From the same Washington Times that gave us the NEA “Farah Goes Ban” reporting:

From culturally sensitive music to special meals for the lactose intolerant, the organizations the federal government is paying to house and care for the children who have surged across the border illegally are taking pains to make sure they are as comfortable as possible.

Dietitians scrutinize the menus each day to make sure they include enough whole grains but not whole milk. Counselors offer life skills classes in Spanish, and intensive English language training, including use of the Rosetta Stone program. Doctors and dentists treat the children at taxpayers’ expense — often the first medical care of the children’s lives.

Remember now, you’re not allowed to get angry over such spending for to do so makes you an extremist.  Remember that, remember it well.

#2  Obama stops hellfire missile delivery to Israel

Seems Dear Leader’s skin is even thinner than thought.  Ticked that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refuses to get on board with Obama’s love train for Hamas and Gaza the administration has stepped in and put a shipment of hellfire missiles on hold.

It’s bad enough that Obama’s petulance prevents any meaningful negotiations with our own Congress but to now have it endanger the sole democracy in the Middle East, the one true ally the U.S. has over there, goes beyond “un-Presidential”, it’s downright childish.

A Wall Street Journal article lays out the two sides:

Today, many administration officials say the Gaza conflict—the third between Israel and Hamas in under six years—has persuaded them that Mr. Netanyahu and his national security team are both reckless and untrustworthy.

Israeli officials, in turn, describe the Obama administration as weak and naive, and are doing as much as they can to bypass the White House in favor of allies in Congress and elsewhere in the administration.

I’ll take “the Obama administration is weak and naïve” for $17 trillion Alex.

#1  Washington Post “reporter” Wesley Lowery rockets himself to top of Ferguson story

Taking the top spot this week for toad brain behavior is Washington Post “reporter” Wesley Lowery for breaking the number one rule of journalism if you want to continue presenting yourself as a journalist:  Do NOT make yourself part of the story.

Yet that is exactly what Lowery did when rather than packing up his stuff (as he was asked to do repeatedly by a police officer in the Ferguson, Missouri McDonald’s where Lowery had set up) he instead pulled out his phone and started videotaping and questioning the officer.

He and fellow wannabe Huffington Post Ryan Reilly scribe then proceeded to hijack the news cycle for the next 24 hours.  THEY all of a sudden were the victims.

Lowery parlayed his video stunt into a full spread in his paper back in D.C. and eagerly assumed the role of “oppressed journalist” with all the publicity and pats on the back that came with it.

The Lowery tweet I took issue with was “Officers decided we weren’t leaving McDonalds quickly enough, shouldn’t have been taping them.” because it implied the officers were all at fault while the video showed it was his own childish behavior, pulling out the cell, standing there instead of packing, the teenager in the basement voice trying to bait the officer more at fault than anything the officer did.

And so I replied to Lowery’s less than whole truth tweet with:

Then perhaps focus on LEAVING MCDONALD’S instead of stalling & video taping and making yourself part of the story?


I watched your video.  How many times did cop say ‘gotta go’ & instead you stood there w/ phone in his face NOT packing?

Which evidently struck a nerve under Lowery’s thin skin and got me this:

I WAS packing with my right hand the entire time.  How can you say definitively I wasn’t if video doesn’t show right hand?

I admit I don’t know where exactly his right hand was (do we REALLY want to know?) but that reply told me he was now grasping with both hands for straws that weren’t there and replied:

Then pack with BOTH hands, get done as asked and then report rather than obstructing the evacuation & inserting self in story.

And with that  came several hours of left wing hate spewed freely without filter.

Yet what Lowery and his paper did NOT report were his tweets BEFORE the misleading “just not leaving quick enough” hyperbole:

Police come into McD were me and @ryanjreilly working.  Try to kick everyone out.

 He then tweeted the following quote from the police:

“We cannot guarantee your safety.  We will not be answering 911 calls”

So the reality was the police came in, said people needed to go because they couldn’t guarantee safety and instead of understanding their plight, Lowery decided to confront them instead.  Such behavior takes a special kind of arrogance and inflated sense of self-worth.

Yet the story that got reported was one of police abuse, journalists detained, woe is we, bull sh*t.

Why?  Because “journalists detained, woe is we bull sh*t” sells papers and generates web page views.

Elsewhere on his timeline from that night he quipped nonchalantly:

6 hours ago Ryan Reilly introduced himself to me in a McDonalds. Then we ended up in jail.  Wonder what he’s got planned for our second date.

Then the feigned worry:

Really upset, and having conflicting emotions – but can’t shake anger that (part) of story about my stupid detention and not about ferguson

We now know whatever anger Lowery may have had at that moment was quickly forgotten as the train of personal promotion left the station and gathered full speed in no time.

But the best part of the entire charade is this one paragraph from Lowery’s self-promoting WaPo story:

Once at the station, we were processed, our pockets emptied. No mug shots. They removed our restraints and put us in a holding cell. Ryan was able to get ahold of his dad. I called my mom, but I couldn’t get through. I couldn’t remember any phone numbers.

Amazing isn’t it?  Just who did these two Edward R Murrow wannabes call?  Their editors, colleagues, ANYONE in the actual business of news reporting?  Nope, the first on their minds were mummy and daddy.  Not exactly a gritty, in the trenches, gum shoe reporting mentality.

Maybe someday these two will grow up and become real reporters but in the meantime they’ll always have Twitter.

Then again, this is the same Wesley Lowery who when working for the Boston Globe in October 2013 was so starved for attention that when Boston bombing marathon survivors were being honored at the Red Sox World Series game he decided to tweet out “So tired of “Boston Strong,” but still inspired by the resilience of so many of those wounded in the marathon bombings.”

His lame “inspired” clarification did not protect him then from the torrent of rightful condemnation that followed, and his lame attempt at Ferguson fame now will not protect him from the truth of what he did.

As always, thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend and I’ll see ya round the corner.


I made the mistake of pointing out the hypocrisy of Lowery’s actions on twitter and within minutes the left’s floodgates of hate were fully open and pouring down with such righteous indignation and vitriol that even Gene Lyons would have been proud.

Here’s a few gems in all their glory:

Love how you #tcot a$$holes scream “gov’t overreach” & “tyranny”, except for when it’s actually happening

shut up

yeah, no.  You’re wrong. But that’s cute.  It’s fun to live in denial and ignorance isn’t it?

Look at this a$$hole’s tweet, then read his anti-tyranny twitter bio. Yep.

shut up

You can say whatever you want.  I can say you’re a hypocritical douchecanoe. Free speech cuts both ways, Skipper.

Your post is frightening.  Perhaps you’d be happy in Russia.

“Where a$$holes reign, tyranny rules.  True liberty means I always get my way and everybody has to like it.”

You tcot a$$holes don’t debate

It should be noted that the $$ were not used by my fans from the left on their actual tweets.  J

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