Friday Follies: Government pimping pinapple s’mores, fat lesbians, Ferguson fizzle and Obama’s latest blame game

August 29, 2014

An overbearing public school district, the Ferguson hype whimpering away, our federal government pimping for pineapple s’mores while desperately attempting to uncover why lesbians are fat obese, and our very own Obama the all great and powerful blamer in chief finally finding someone other than George W. Bush to blame for his failures.

Yep, it’s another edition of Friday Follies and that means: “Tis that time once again when we take stock of the inane and foolish put upon us by those forced to navigate life with an amount of gray matter just slightly larger than that found in your average toad”

#5 Missouri Public School Thwarted From Filing Bogus Charges Against Homeschool Family With this week still being the first week of school for many across the country I start off with yet another reminder of just how vindictive and intrusive some public school systems can be.

From the FreeBeacon and the Home School Legal Defense Association:

The Home School Legal Defense Association foiled a Kansas City public school’s attempt to issue a former student spurious truancy charges when his parents turned to homeschooling…………

………………In February, a Kansas City family sent a letter withdrawing their son from public school, filed with the state department of education as a private school, and began homeschooling.

In May, the family received a letter from the public school telling them that their son had been referred to the district attorney’s office for truancy. When a social worker called the family, they asked HSLDA for help.

Senior Counsel Scott A. Woodruff wrote a letter to the social worker. He explained that the family never should have been referred for truancy. He said that the family was in full compliance with Kansas law related to homeschooling.

Neither the school, the district attorney’s office, nor the social worker contacted the family again.

While this instance at least had a happy ending, it still doesn’t make up for the fact that our public school systems have become far more centers of power and control than places of learning with respect for the parents and taxpayers that fund them.

#4 Ferguson Fizzles—It was televised, but it wasn’t the revolution. Charles C.W. Cooke over at takes the media fiasco that was Ferguson, Missouri and puts into context how the sensationalism and hype of the so called “press” failed to spark their desired result.

Over the past month, the events in Ferguson, Mo., have played a similar role in the imagination as did Minor’s Minnesota riot — the nation’s activists hoping that the harrowing images that have flickered across our television screens would be swiftly converted into widespread upheaval. ……..

………While the details of the lamentations have varied, the desire has been the same: Maybe now, something will change.

Instead, Ferguson has fizzled out, the general public having politely declined to draw any significant conclusions, the lack of available facts having stalled the media’s hype.

Looks like some truth has finally caught up the lie.

#3 US Forest Service and the ‘proper’ way to roast a marshmellow Just when you thought you’d heard every story there was to tell about our federal government and its nanny complex comes along this little tidbit:

Some wonderful memories are born around a fire ring. But whether you are camping, “glamping” or sitting with friends and family in your backyard, waning evenings typically include one campfire staple: marshmallows.

So, on the eve of National Roasted Marshmallow Day (Aug. 30), we pay tribute to the sweet ingredient that makes any form of outdoor gathering, well, sweeter.

For some, the best use of marshmallows is as the gooey main ingredient of s’mores. Take a graham cracker, place a section of chocolate on it, and then carefully place a freshly roasted marshmallow on top of the candy bar. Top the marshmallow off with another graham cracker, carefully squeezing the campfire dessert sandwich together as the hot marshmallow melts the chocolate.

BUT, we now live in the Obama times and with Michelle trying to control everything from school lunches to where grocery stores have to locate the Forest Service couldn’t help itself tripping over its own stupidity:

But there are some innovative ways to roast the little white treats that can help cut down on the amount of sugar intake by the kids, thus making bedtime a little more doable.

Think fruit.

Even if the kids – including us older ones – insist on more traditional s’mores, there are some healthy tricks. Grill thin slices of pineapple and substitute chocolate for the sweet, warm fruit. You will still get a tasty treat but by substituting with fruit, it is healthier – as long as you watch the amount of marshmallows used. If you want to cut down even more on calories, try using slices of angel food cake instead of graham crackers.

Yep, that’s how I remember it. Sitting around the fire with stick, Hershey bar, marshmallow and graham cracker all bummed out because we forgot to bring along the pineapple.

Another “truth is truly stranger than fiction” moment brought to you by yet another useless government parasite living off the fruits of your hard work. (Couldn’t help myself.)

#2 Feds still studying why lesbians are Obese After just reading the marshmallow mash you could be forgiven for thinking that the #2 story this week must be a fake copied over from The Onion but sadly it’s not.

From Elizabeth Harrington over at The FreeBeacon:

The federal government is still seeking answers as to why the majority of lesbians are obese and U.S. taxpayers are footing the bill, which now totals $2.87 million.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) study is now in its fourth year, receiving an additional $670,567 for fiscal year 2014. The project seeks to determine why “nearly three-quarters of adult lesbians overweight or obese,” and why gay males are not.

In just two years the project’s budget has nearly doubled, growing from $1.5 million to nearly $3 million today, despite fears that sequestration could jeopardize the project and other NIH funding

But in the defense of these government funded toad brains they do seem to be ramping up the work load a bit:

The researchers have been busier since last year, when the project had yielded only one paper. Those results concluded that gay and bisexual males had a “greater desire for toned muscles” than straight men.

The project now claims that lesbians have lower “athletic-self esteem” that may lead to higher rates of obesity. Another research paper found that lesbians are more likely to see themselves at a healthy weight, even though they are not.

#1 Commander in Chief dismisses ISIS and Russia, blames on social media The good news is that our dear destroyer of all things good and moral in America finally stopped blaming the world coming unhinged around us on George Bush. The bad news is he’s pivoted to blaming the nightly news and social media.

From The HILL:

President Obama on Friday said social media and the nightly news are partly to blame for the sense that “the world is falling apart.”

“I can see why a lot of folks are troubled,” Obama told a group of donors gathered at a Democratic National Committee barbecue in Purchase, N.Y.

But the president said that current foreign policy crises across the world are not comparable to the challenges the U.S. faced during the Cold War.

Acknowledging “the barbarity” of Islamist militants and Russia “reasserting the notion that might means right,” Obama, though, dismissed the notion that he was facing unprecedented challenges.

“The world’s always been messy … we’re just noticing now in part because of social media,” he said, according to a White House pool report.

“If you watch the nightly news, it feels like the world is falling apart,” said Obama.

The president acknowledged that conflicts in the Middle East posed difficulties, “but it’s been challenging for quite a while,” he said.

“We will get through these challenging times just like we have in the past,” Obama added.

NOTE TO OBAMA: America “got through” the challenges of Pearl Harbor and 9/11 as well but we sure as hell don’t have any desire to go through another one any time soon. I pray in earnest that your dereliction of duty these past 5 ½ years, especially on securing our borders, does not bring about another such “challenge” but I fear they may be too little too late.

Obama’s summary of priorities in one tweet:

And my Friday night tweet that pretty much sums up the modern day Democrat party:

As always, thanks for stopping by, have a great weekend and I’ll see ya round the Corner on Monday, er Tuesday.

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