Calderon, Congressional Dems and Obama Admin., traitors one – traitors all?

May 22, 2010

Traitors one, traitors all, Calderon the Critic on Congress doth call.


President Felipe Calderon made a call on the United States Congress Thursday and he was none too civil in criticizing his host.

Whether it was Arizona’s immigration law that he was mis-characterizing as law enforcement based upon racial profiling or blaming the lack of assault-weapons legislation for the violence overrunning his country Calderon made it abundantly clear America was not living up to her end of the Mexican-American bargain.

A foreign head of state attacking the United States from the well of the House of Representatives is bad enough, but Congressional Democrats and members of the Obama administration giving accolades to such goes beyond the pale.  It is abdication of  their sworn duty to uphold the Constitution. (U.S. not Mexican)

The framers most assuredly never imagined a time when duly elected representatives of the American people would leap to their feet in standing applause for a leader of a foreign government actively involved in helping it’s people break United States law.

A government who’s own immigration policies are much more draconian and intolerant than anything in the Federal Register.

A government that is so corrupt it can’t even provide basic police and security for millions of its own citizens.

A government run by a very wealthy few who show little interest in expanding economic opportunity for all.

A government so dependent upon illegal trappings being sent home for Mexicans in America that it actually provides pamphlets and information instructing it’s own citizens on illegal crossing into the United States.

It is that government that Pelosi, Reid, Obama and company now pay more respect to than the citizens of their own country.

It is that government the Democrats now woo for to earn Hispanic gratitude at the voting booth.

It is that government that a majority of the United States Congress seem to feel is poor not by reason of its own failed policies but because of American imperialism.

If one method of treason is citizens acting in complicity with a foreign government to seriously injure the parent nation (Oran’s Dictionary of law), then every member of Congress and every member of the Obama administration that stood in ovation to Calderon’s attack yesterday should be arrested and tried post haste.

Tried on the premise that the rule of law is fundamental to the survival of this nation and to openly subvert American law is by fact a treasonous act.

Tried on the proven fact that a nation that refuses to control its borders will ultimately fall and that providing sanctuary for illegals and refusing to secure the border is by fact a treasonous act.

Tried by a jury pooled from the over sixty percent of Americans that agree with Arizona and America, not Mexico and illegals.

Treason and traitor are powerful words.

Those who stood with Calderon Thursday deserve them both.

The above is an archive copy of my May 22, 2010 commentary

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