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February 19, 2009
What 2nd Amendment?

What 2nd Amendment?

Do you know this man? In all probability you probably don’t. With all certainty you absolutely should.

He is U.S. Representative Bobby L. Rush, he is a Democrat, and he represents that wonderful bastion of truth, liberty, and honesty, none other than, Chicago, Illinois. The same Chicago that was Sinatra’s kind of town, Obama’s political playground, gave us Al Capone and delivered thousands of votes from the dead for JFK when they were needed most. Yes, THAT Chicago.

But what does Chicago’s hypocrisy, corruption, and graft have to do with a U.S. Congressman? Because it illustrates a mindset. A mindset that nothing matters except the political agenda. And believe me, when it comes to an agenda, Mr. Rush has quite an aggressive one.

In fact, he’s so sure of himself that he’s introduced a bill in the House that would basically gut the 2nd ammendment. In a power grab so bold it makes a banana republic revolution look like a playground play, Rush wants to require Federal licensing for virtually every owner of every gun in the country. And it’s not just for future sales, current owners would be required to come forward and register as well. Thumbprint, photo, address and date and place of birth, mental health records, and all other pertinent records and personal information would have to be submitted to obtain said “license”.

The official tag is H.R. 45 and titled the “Blair Holt’s Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009”. Aside from the “licensing” requirements it has such wonderful tidbits as:

Complete detail information on every buyer/seller gun transaction going forward.

Universal Background Check Requirements

Requirements to maintain and make available for inspection any and all records.

Penalties for failing to report lost or stolen guns.

Penalties for not securing according to federal child protection regulations.

Penalties for not notifying the proper authorities within 60 days if you move.

Yes, that last one is correct. If this bill goes into effect and you move and fail to notify your local sheriff, attorney general, or Gestapo office you would be subject to arrest and jail time. Jail time varies but you could get up to ten years depending upon the violation.

The “focus” may be on handguns and guns with “removeable magazines”, but the end result is the same. A national database of every gun owner in every state of the union.

Luckily this idiot could not get any co-sponsors and the bill has been referred to the Judiciary Committee where it is currently languishing and will hopefully die a quiet death. But while this bill may die, Rush’s ideology will not. He and others like him will keep attempting to weaken the second ammendment one regulation at a time.

You won’t read about it in the New York Times or the Washington Post. You won’t see it on MSNBC or CNN. Unless we all take it upon ourselves to be informed and forever vigilant; Rush and his ilk will eventually slip something through and you won’t even know about until it’s too late.

My thanks to fellow blogger at Mark Kinsley for first posting of this shame.
Kinsley’s Commentary

ESPN Hunting as a good summary of the fiasco:
ESPN Guns has the full bill posted:
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And to contact Lord Idiot himself:
Rush’s House Site

Project Vote Smart:
Vote Smart

And in this time “government knows best, government will save”, we should all pay heed to that great Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin:

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”.

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