We ARE What We Eat

February 26, 2009

It turns out we really ARE what we it. At least in terms of calorie intake. Carrying over that childhood “clean your plate before you may be excused” into mid-life may be a hard habit to break but a crucial one if you wish to lose that bit of extra baggage acquired through the years.

A new study in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals that it’s not the combination of fat, protein, or carbs that matter so much as the total caloric intake of all three.

From AP:
“The hidden secret is it doesn’t matter if you focus on low-fat or low-carb,” said Dr. Elizabeth Nabel, director of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, which funded the research.
Limiting the calories you consume and burning off more calories with exercise is key, she said.

I’m sure Dr. Nabel is a fine upstanding citizen, but I’m trying to figure out why this was such a “hidden secret”? Has our ability to reason in common sense terms become so diluted over the past forty years that we have to have a government funded study to tell us: If you EAT less you’ll WEIGH less?

A half hour of internet searching could not find the amount of tax dollars spent to reveal this magical “secret” of common sense. While I could find the study and numerous related links it appears the actual cost is the real secret. If can ever find it, I will include in a Friday Follies follow up.

Now, if we could only get Congress, Prince Obama and President Pelosi to learn from this study our economic health would not be in such peril. There are still a few of us left that know one thing: The more government spends (eats, as in YOUR tax dollars), the more obese (as in bloated, intrusive, and inefficient) it becomes. And if you thought Bush bloated the federal budget and increased government intrusion into your life, wait until you see the spending bills and budgets being put forth by the newly invigorated Democratic Party.

In tomorrow’s Friday Follies I’ll share with you some of the tidbits that the new majority feels you, the taxpayer, you, the writer of their paychecks, just can’t live without.

AP story link:
AP – Eat Less

The Study:

Government Clinical Trial Link:

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