Madam President? Absolutely – Madam Hillary? God Help Us

June 21, 2015

CarlyVHillaryThe crackled voice came out of the speakers with a tone of entitlement Marie Antoinette would have envied:  “Don’t you someday want to see a woman President of the United States of America”? Asked the perennial chaser of Presidential power, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

And why not?  She’s been angling for the job ever since she boarded that train to Little Rock, Arkansas in ’74 and took up residence with one William Jefferson Clinton.

Neither miraculous cattle futures profits, nor bimbo eruptions, nor secret email servers shall deter her from her appointed round with destiny.

I completely agree that “Madam President” is a phrase long overdue in our political lexicon.

But what we absolutely do not need is to compound the collective mistake of putting an inexperienced, unqualified activist in the Oval Office because he had the right skin color and could read a teleprompter by handing it to Hillary for no other reason than “it’s time”.

That mentality has led to an almost doubling of our national debt, a disastrous government intrusion into our healthcare, a regulatory environment that is crippling economic opportunity for millions, and a foreign policy that has the Middle East in flames and America the doormat of dictators and despots the world over.

And after listening to Hillary rip off a litany of attacks against Republicans last week in her Roosevelt Island campaign “re-launch”, I’m more convinced than ever that a second Clinton Presidency would be nothing but an extension of the pettiness and identity politics that has so divided us these past 7 years.

It was after all, the first Clinton machine, with Hillary pulling every lever; that invented the politics of personal destruction that consumes our political discourse today.

When all the stories of husband Bill’s abuse of women began surfacing in the ‘92 Presidential campaign, Hillary didn’t worry whether or not they were true, she instead set up a “war room” and proceeded to attack each and every one in the most vile and personal ways possible.

When her incompetence was turning Libya into a failed state and would ultimately leave four Americans dead in Benghazi, she didn’t worry about taking responsibility; she spun it into blaming an internet video.

When every other cabinet official was using government email for official business, Hillary was instead using a personal server over which she and only she would reign.

In Hillaryland, America is expected to overlook the lapses in ethics, morals and honesty for the “history” of electing the first woman President.

In the real world there is another.

This woman started as a secretary and worked, rather than married her way into power.

This woman was the first woman to head a Fortune 100 company (Hewlett Packard) during the tumultuous times after the .com bubble burst.  And though a bitter battle with the board forced her departure she doesn’t cry victim, but instead cites the long term record.

This woman is a breast cancer survivor, has lost a step-daughter to addiction, and believes that “Whether it is in business or in charity or in any other human endeavor, my experience tells me that human potential is limitless.”

This woman’s name is Carly Fiorina, she too is a candidate for the Presidency of the United States and she deserves as much a look as any Hillary Clinton.

And unlike Hillary, Carly makes herself available to the press and answers questions with a refreshing forthrightness and respect. (Google “Carly Fiorina center seat” and you’ll see what I mean.)

The worst thing America could do at this critical time is in a rush to hear “Madam President” we fall for “Madam Hillary” instead.

PUBLISHER’s NOTE:  A version of this column first appeared in the June 20, 2015 print edition of the Joplin Globe.

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