Senate Democrats cowardice dishonors all

September 13, 2015

IranDealIf you were in kindergarten that day you have already had your high school graduation. If you were born that day, you are anticipating your driver’s learning permit. If you were older than either on that day, you know exactly where you were when you were first exposed to the horror that was New York City, New York, United States of America, September 11, 2001.

If you were watching one of the live morning television shows you went from “terrible tragedy, how could this happen” regarding the first plane, to the punch in the gut, “we are at war” moment as the 2nd plane flew deliberately into the South tower.

If you did not see it live, whatever images you had envisioned in your mind via radio broadcasts turned woefully inadequate when later in the day you saw the video re-broadcast over and over and over. You saw fellow Americans forced to either burn alive or jump to their death make their agonizing choice. You witnessed the FAA map of the United States go dark as the radar signal of every single plane, in every sector of air space disappeared from the screen as the entire country became the largest “No Fly Zone” in history.

Eventually, emotionally exhausted, you went to bed on the night of the greatest American uncertainty since December 7, 1941.  What has transpired in the 14 years since that most horrific of days can at best be described as mixed.

While the Freedom Tower at One World Trade Center is finally open and standing a sentimental 1,776 feet above the lower Manhattan skyline, the infighting and political posturing that constantly delayed its completion stands testament to an America more fractured today than perhaps at any time in her history.

The ghosts of those past generations who built the Hoover Dam in 5 years, won the Second World War in 4, laid the 1700 miles of Alaskan highway in 8 months, and went from Alan Shepard’s 108 minutes to Neil Armstrong’s “giant leap” in 8 years now shake their heads in wonder at what happened to the “can do” spirit that allowed them to give the world some of its greatest achievements.

What should have been a “get in, capture bin Laden, destroy the Taliban” operation instead turned into a yet another history lesson ignored. “The graveyard of empires” that is Afghanistan has been repelling foreign invaders since Alexander the Great.  America would be no different.

The collateral victories of Libya giving up its nuclear program and Iran putting its own on hold thanks to American determination and resolve are now moot.  With Gaddafi dead and America long gone, terrorists from Al-Qaeda to ISIS now train at will in Libya while the Mullah’s in Iran count their soon to be unfrozen billions and thank Allah for sending them an American President as weak as Barack Obama.

Yet as terrible as Obama’s Iran giveaway is, Senate Democrats Thursday found a way to sink even lower.  On the eve of this 9/11 anniversary, 42 of them voted to hide behind a filibuster rather than have history record their vote on the single most important foreign policy document in years.

From Valley Forge to Vicksburg, Bastogne to Baghdad, to the 9/11/01 sky above Pennsylvania, hundreds of thousands of Americans have paid the ultimate price that freedom would endure. That 42 Democrat Senators did not even have the courage of their cowardly convictions to cast a vote for the record dishonors each and every one.

Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy would not just not recognize their beloved Democrat party today, they’d disown it.

PUBLISHER NOTE: A version of this column first appeared in the September 13, 2015 print edition of the Joplin Globe.

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