Why do liberals demand I hate Obama?

November 29, 2015

LiberalBrainIf I had to identify one single theme that runs through the most animated critics of this column it is “Why do you hate President Obama so much?” And when they find themselves answering their own question that too has a single theme: “I must be a racist”.

While both assumptions could not be further from the truth, they provide simplicity to complexity and thus the assumptions become their own delusional truth.

No matter how long the list of African American conservatives I present that I would gladly cast my vote for the President of the United States, it always boils down to a simple minded “Uncle Tom’s and sell-outs don’t count”. The conclusion simple as well: They’re not Democrat so therefore they’re not legitimate.

When I respond that I find such an attitude as racist as any KKK coward in a white sheet and as intellectually dishonest as a “we left the White House dead broke” Hillary Clinton I am all too quickly reminded that I’m just a misogynistic, “white privileged” hate monger.

I can talk policy, Constitution, and the rule of law until I’m blue in the face but invariably it all comes back to “but if it wasn’t Obama, you wouldn’t be saying that”. No matter what facts are laid bare, no matter what historical argument is made, they will have none of it. In their mind, they already know my mind and any discussion that deviates from notions preconceived shall not be tolerated.

The most disappointing in these encounters are not the personal attacks, that comes with the territory, it’s the fact that when it comes to this particular President, otherwise smart, articulate, beings, some that I’ve known for years, devolve into mindless clumps of carbon muttering the same rote responses.

So focused are they on defending the man, the damage being done to our most fundamental truths and Foundational pillars get nary a notice.

When the policy is illegal aliens, sanctuary cities or legalizing marijuana, Mr. Obama’s interpretation of the law is more flexible than Vladimir Putin could have ever dreamed.

But when it is the House of Representatives, over half our state governors, and the majority of the American public at large saying that in light of the Paris terrorist attacks and the failure of Europe’s open borders, prudence calls for a pause and review of just who we are allowing into our own country, the President mocks and demagogues.

That his cause is the only good cause, that his way is the only way, that his politics should be the only politics, that every offer of compromise is precluded with the disclaimer, “if I find it helpful”, “if the proposal is reasonable” is why I and tens of millions of Americans have given up all hope that Mr. Obama has the ability to change himself into a President for all the people instead of the punitive petulant we have witnessed these past 7 years.

I wish I could say that with only a year left in office I envision a kinder, gentler, President for all, Obama.

But the release of over 2000 new proposed regulations the Friday before Thanksgiving I fear my wish shall not be granted. With 144 of those proposals deemed “economically significant” (costing more than $100 million dollars each to implement) and including such national priorities as mandating new labeling for pet food, there seems to be no end to how far the reach this President wants the federal government involved in our daily lives.

The only thing that I do know for sure is that between now and next Thanksgiving the “Why do I hate Obama?” meme will be as prevalent as ever.

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