Welcome to Caldwell’s Cafe: A 3 course meal of politics, religion and race.

February 7, 2016

Welcome to Caldwell’s Café.  Where politics is always on the menu and history has a permanent seat at the table.  We pride ourselves on using only the freshest ingredients delivered daily from across the country.

We start with a heartland appetizer.

By now Monday night’s Iowa caucus has been sliced, diced and Veg-O-Matic’d to death. Takeaway is that in the end more Iowa Republicans preferred a hellfire and brimstone preacher with a blind eye to misleading mailers and political shenanigans to a New York Billionaire with a Twitter addiction. Marco Rubio picked up the voters who didn’t want either and the rest, well they’re the rest.

On the Democrat side Hillary Clinton claimed victory over Bernie Sanders by the slimmest margin in history.  Bernie wants a vote count released but the “progressive” party that gave us this Iowa love fest uses such an arcane method of tabulation that a total votes per candidate tally isn’t possible.  (It’s OK, my head’s shaking too.)

Bottom line:  New Hampshire is still Trump’s to lose and between Hillary and Bernie, her email/server issue will either see her indicted or severely damaged and there’s not a snowball’s chance that DNC will let an avowed socialist be its nominee.

Your main dish is cooked up by President Obama himself and his insistence that “Islam has always been part of America” with a visit to a Maryland Mosque Wednesday.  Unfortunately when he referenced the Korans of Jefferson and Adams he left out they read them to better know their Barbary Pirate enemies that were hijacking merchant ships and kidnapping American sailors for ransom.  Too bad as well, that the President didn’t mention the 1786 letter from Jefferson and Adams to John Jay regarding that when they inquired of the Ambassador of Tripoli as to “why” their behavior he replied: “it was founded on the laws of their prophet [i.e. Mohammed]; that it was written in their Koran; that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners; that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found,”

It also would have helped if the Mosque the President chose to visit wasn’t linked to groups on the government’s list of unindicted co-conspirators that have funneled money to the Hamas terrorist group or who, as reported in investors.com, employed Imam Mohamad Adam el-Sheikh who told the Washington Post “It becomes acceptable (as a method for Muslims) to defend themselves,” regarding suicide bombings. Or as the New York Times noted that for Muslim women’s rights activists: “the president’s visit to a mosque that practices such blatant inequity represents a step backwards.”

It’s one thing for a President to call for religious tolerance.  It’s quite another to re-write history for the sake of his political agenda.

Desert is a slice of race baiting whipped up by Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton in the New York Times commenting on his critics: “I’m an African-American quarterback that scares people because they haven’t seen nothing that they can compare me to,”

Here’s a comparison for you Cam.

28 years ago African American quarterback Doug Williams led his Washington Redskins to a 42 to 10 rout of John Elway’s Denver Broncos.  For his record setting performance, Williams was named MVP of Super Bowl XXII. He wasn’t awarded that honor because of his race; he received it because of his accomplishment on the field.  (Kind of like that whole “content of character” thing Martin Luther King, Jr. dreamed about.)

That young Newton thinks himself some trail blazer on race in the NFL shows an obsession with self and ignorance of history that is beyond disappointing.

We hope you enjoyed your meal today and please, don’t forget to tip your server.

Author Note: A version of this column first appeared in the February 7, 2016 print edition of the Joplin Globe.

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