Trump constrained or Clinton unleashed? Trump is the safer, constitutional choice.

August 21, 2016

TrumpClintonThe goal of a headline is to grab the reader’s attention. And while I realize I’ve got more than a couple of apologies to make for the coffee that just got spewed upon papers and computer screens everywhere, I also now have your attention and I repeat: Donald Trump is the safe choice this November.

Contrary to what the main stream media and the D.C. elites say a Trump supporter is, I am not a xenophobic, racist bigot who hates everyone and everything not fitting within the stereotype of the middle age angry white male.

I’m not even so sure I’d be considered a Trump “supporter”, as much as “reluctant Trump”. When my candidates didn’t make it I was left with three choices: throw a fit and shout no, no, no, Never Trump, throw my vote away on a 3rd party candidate, or accept the voters choice and make the best of the situation as it is.

I’m not against immigration, I just want it done legally and within the rule of law based upon our historical immigration policies that put the best interests of the nation above the special interests of foreigners and corporations. And when you are allowed into this great nation, whoever you were or wherever you came from becomes secondary. It is now your past, your future is with America, not a hyphen.

I could care less what your race, ethnicity, religion or gender identification of the day is as long as you put first and foremost in your life the Constitution of these United States and everything that entails. Up to and including the fact that nowhere in said document is there mentioned a right to “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” to keep you from being offended by words and thoughts disagreeable to your fragile self esteem.

And while I too have cringed at what has come out of Trump’s mouth, the thought of a Hillary Clinton Presidency and the abuses of power and ripping into the Bill of Rights that such would bring is a thought that should not be contemplated without medical supervision. Those not willing to look beyond the media meme and politically orchestrated outrages of the day miss the gravity of what at stake for this beloved nation.

How can I vote for such a man at such a critical time in our nation’s history? Exactly because this is such a critical time in our nation’s history and because I’m still just hokey enough to believe in the United States Constitution.

Specifically Article II, Section 4 of that great document and four words within it: “high crimes and misdemeanors”. The phrase is intentionally vague so as to give Congress, and thereby the people, the means to remove a President no longer befitting the honor of the office.

Electing Trump President guarantees he will be on the shortest leash of any President in our history. With 100 percent of the Democrats and half if not more of Republicans in Congress already hating the man, Trump would have but two choices: Govern within the bounds of the Constitution or find himself impeached in his first 100 days.

If it’s the former, America’s back on track. If it’s the latter a President Pence carries us forward.

A Clinton Presidency however would be unstoppable. If you believe that the jellyfish spines in Congress who did nothing to stop Barack Obama and his executive branch for 8 years would somehow stand up to the first woman president please email me post haste as I’ve got a thoroughbred unicorn I desperately need to sell.

While Clinton has all the happy words and pretty promises, they are each and every one, hollow and empty. Listen closely and it’s nothing different that what Obama promised in 2008. Affordable college, better healthcare, free daycare, higher wages, more jobs, and roads, bridges and airports galore.

Yet all that’s been delivered is more debt, lower wages, and higher costs for food, utilities and healthcare on the domestic front while the international front is in more disarray than at anytime since the end of World War II.

We can sell out our children for soundbites and platitudes and bury their future under more Clinton corruption or we can take the first step to putting this nation back onto the path of limited government and maximum liberty it was founded on.

We can give in to manufactured fear of the Tyrant from Queens or we can trust in the Founding Fathers and the document they gave us to deal with Tyrants.

Which is why I’ll take constitutionally constrained Trump over an unrestrained Clinton any day. It is, the only safe choice.

PUBLISHER’s Note:  An edited version of this column first appeared in the August 21, 2016 print edition of the Joplin Globe.

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