May 1, 2011

If you’re of the hateful, far left side of the political aisle I strongly suggest you move along to a site more in sync with your intellectual capacity. (Disney or Sesame Street perhaps?) Between having less gray matter than that found in your average toad, having inherited the “government is God” gene at birth, and unable to speak the words “individual liberty and personal responsibility” without triggering a seizure, TheCorner has had to sadly conclude that your kind is quite simply, just unreachable.

But for the rest of you, WELCOME.

A fiscal conservative by nature, socially semi-liberal at heart, Geoff Caldwell is a mid-life midwestener just trying to “make sense of it all” in an all too often crazy world.

He longs for the America he once knew. A time when patriotism reigned and common sense ruled. When government governed by the founding principles forged two centuries past. When hard work and personal responsibility were not lost virtues but expected and rewarded. When all Americans, regardless of party were “American first” instead of today’s hyphenated voting blocks.

An America with actual shools, not the sanitized indoctrination centers of today. Where students were taught by dedicated teachers, not union robots. Teachers who taught those students so well mind you, that they somehow managed to save the world for democracy, put men on the moon, and end the cold war, all with no educational “technique” fancier than the three R’s.

An America where taxes went for real services providing for real needs, not just to feed bureaucracies and political agendas.

An America where children out of wedlock and showing your underwear in public were frowned upon and not a badge of honor.

He remembers an America that was proud of herself; that even though she stumbled, she knew she stood for freedom and what was right in the world.
An America that didn’t bend over backwards to “apologize” to the rest of the world for how evil and terrible she is.

Thanks for visiting The Corner. My objective is to inform and to facilitate conversation and debate on issues of the day. Agree or disagree with the posts, your input is valued, appreciated and will be read. If you don’t wish to post a comment on the site, feel free to email me at: gc@caldwellscorner.com.
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Geoff Caldwell

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  1. Sarah Mackay on May 24, 2011 at 8:30 pm

    Hi Geoff,

    We would like to have you join us on the John Curley Show Thursday night. Would you be willing to join us for 10 minutes on air? Please send an email to my address. Thank you for your time, Sarah


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