American Rewind

Who we are as told by who we were.
Voices and writings from our past warning of us the future that has become our present.

American Rewind: A refresher on guns and the 2nd Amendment

January 27, 2013

This latest installment in the Corner’s “American Rewind” series provides some much needed reason and historical context to the 2nd Amendment and its importance to our past, our present and our future. With the Obama administration and it’s allies on the left now hell bent on using the Sandy Hook tragedy to push their...

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American Rewind: Obama ’08, a warning wished wrong

October 29, 2012
American Rewind:  Obama ’08, a warning wished wrong

Never have I wished a column more wrong, than my 2008 warning of the dangers of sending Barack Obama on to the Oval Office. First published, four years ago today, October 29, 2008, the column Rich and Evil attempted to delineate for any still not drunk with the Kool Aid, the fallacy behind an...

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American Rewind: The Hyphen. We were fully warned, yet still we ignored.

October 14, 2012

 It’s not even a word. It’s just a short, simple line between two others. Hiding behind it’s simplicity it appears harmless. Yet hiding behind that simplicity is a danger so deceptive, so destructive that it can destroy a nation before it ever knows what hit it. It is a favorite tool of the...

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American Rewind: ‘The Duke’ talks liberalism circa 1975

September 26, 2012

The year was 1975 and America was just beginning to recover from one of the most tumultuous times of her history. It was a time of televised images of Hueys evacuating American personnel and Vietnam refugees from a rooftop in Saigon, a time that just months earlier had witnessed a sitting President resign in...

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American Rewind: Paul Harvey on God, the Devil his warning to America

September 25, 2012

 Almost half a century has passed since beloved American icon, Paul Harvey delivered his “Warning to America” broadcaster in 1965.  While Mr. Harvey’s first profession may have been a newsman, he could have fallen back on the title “modern day prophet” with ease. Listen to his words of what, in his view, the...

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American Rewind: That ragged old flag and the sound of taps

September 23, 2012
American Rewind: That ragged old flag and the sound of taps

..American rewind this morning reflects upon two inseparable elements of America today. Her flag and her most haunting melody. Much has changed along the path of this great Republic since those first worldly shots at Lexington and Concord. Yet for all the change and progress, one thing above all has kept that path open...

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