Hollywood Icon hits the truth on liberalism, then and now.

July 9, 2017

When Mother Nature decided to fill July 4th in my neck of the woods with clouds and intermittent rain, my library and the internet took the place of backyard and barbecue.

While disappointed, I’ve spent enough years on this floating rock to take things as they come.  And by the end of the morning I was once again reminding myself of that age old phrase: “The Lord works in mysterious ways”.

A website commentator sent me to an old Paul Harvey commentary “Our Lives, Our Fortunes, Our Sacred Honor”, that led to another Harvey clip, then the Red Skelton “Pledge of Allegiance” clip, another Harvey – “God made a farmer” (my favorite) and then an interview from another icon of my youth that had slipped from memory.

The interview is from 1975.  America was adrift.  Nixon had resigned the year before, the Vietnam War ended with nothing but tens of thousands of American dead to show for it, and the future path of this country was anything but clear.

Yet this man, in his own rambling way, not only hit upon the problems of his time, but nails concisely the societal breakdown that is ripping us apart today.

I have found that a certain type that calls himself a liberal…I always thought that I was a liberal…I came up terribly surprised one time when I found that I was a right wing conservative “extremist”…..when I have listened to everybody’s point of view that I ever met and then decide how I should feel? I mean….but this so called new liberal group …. they never listen to your point of view, and they make a decision as to what you think and uh they’re articulate enough and in control of enough of the press to force that uh that image out for the average person.

That paragraph rings as true today as it did in then.  In some ways even more.

Universities across the country are climbing all over each other to see who can be the next one to ban someone holding unapproved thoughts from speaking on campus.  Dare not follow the politically correct dogma of today’s liberal left and you’re labeled a bigot, a racist, or a “phobe” of this, that or whatever else their cause du jour.

Perhaps the saddest testament to just how low our acceptance of differing points of view has devolved, we now have Democrat members of the United States Congress openly spouting that Republicans are killing their fellow Americans if they repeal Obamacare.

And a card carrying liberal national media is all too happy to “force that image out” to an all too gullible populace.

If only they could wrap their heads around some 1975 Common Sense:

There isn’t a helluva lot that we can do to change human behavior. We keep making laws to try and change human behavior, you can’t do it. I think you can accept it and feel how you would feel in that position. You’re being conned into Keynesianism and socialism now, but it isn’t going to stop the selfishness of human behavior, it isn’t going to stop the greed.

If you give…take 20 dollars and give a dollar to every son of a bitch in a room , you come back a year later, one of the bastards will have most of the money. I mean it’s just, human nature, and you aren’t gonna, you’re not gonna whip it with a lot of laws.

Think of all the laws put on the books since those words were spoken, and ask yourself; Is there but one of them that has changed human nature?

Reflect upon the fact that for all the trillions of dollars we’ve thrown at centralized government programs the national poverty rate is basically unchanged.  All the while our national debt went from $533 billion with a debt to GDP ratio of only 32% to over $19 trillion and an over 100% ratio today.  (The ratio was 68% just 9 years ago.)

What was just beginning those four decades past has grown into an unsustainable, unwieldy, out of control beast devouring anything and anyone that stands in its way.

So just who was that man who in the twilight of his life departed those words of wisdom that so capture our society today?

The historical birth record reports his name as one Marion Robert Morrison, but you and the world know him as John Wayne.

In memory of the late, great Paul Harvey………Good Day!

PUBLISHER’s NOTE:  A version of this column first appeared in the July 9, 2017 print edition of the Joplin Globe.

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