So much for “unity”

February 7, 2021

A Verizon flashback last weekend had me reading cable news chyrons from January 2020: “Bloomberg tax plan would raise the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%”, “2020 Dems make closing arguments to voters in Iowa”.

Talk about a year feeling like a lifetime ago.

The American economy was hitting on all cylinders.  Real wages were rising, unemployment across demographics was at historic lows, inflation was in check, the southern border was at last being secured and for the first time since the Eisenhower administration, America was energy independent.

JFK’s “a rising tide lifts all boats” was no longer a quote from history, but a philosophy in action and doing exactly what he’d said it would do.

Candidate Kamala Harris had garnered so little support she’d been forced to drop out two months earlier and then candidate Joe Biden’s final finish was a pathetic fourth place with less than sixteen percent of the total vote

Yes, just one year ago, over 80 percent of Iowa Democrats voted against the current President.

Not until Bernie Sanders began to surge and Rep James Clyburn of South Carolina turned out the African American vote behind him was the twice previous failed candidate raised from the dead to become the “calm, moderate” that would restore “normalcy”.

From the moment he declared his candidacy, the theme was clear.  That when voters in 2016 chose against the failed policies of the Obama administration they had also turned their backs on the American soul. And only he, Joe Biden could restore it.

Considering his recent actions, I re-read the inaugural transcript.  And of all his words these strike me as the most disingenuous:

“And so today, at this time and in this place, let us start afresh. All of us.  Let us listen to one another.  Hear one another.  See one another.  Show respect to one another.”

After two weeks of issuing executive orders like a mad King George III punishing the colonies, it looks like the only people our newly minted President plans on listening to is the hard core left of his party.

When he appeared Tuesday evening to sign yet another round of Presidential edicts he noted “I’m not making new law, I’m eliminating bad policy.”  Policy that he stated are “very counterproductive to our security, counterproductive to who we are as a country, particularly in the area of immigration.”

It’s futile at this point to write on the fallacy of returning to Obama’s open border policies as the chaos coming will soon be upon us.

But what does deserve additional attention is his Day One order revoking the KeystoneXL pipeline permit.

An action that begs the question is it counterproductive in the middle of a pandemic to, with the stroke of a pen, eliminate thousands of direct jobs and untold thousands more in ancillary businesses?

How is it “bad policy” to use a pipeline that is safer and more environmentally sound than the current rail and truck methods in use today?  A pipeline that also has the full blessing of the Canadian government.

How in the world is it “good policy” to go to war against an industry that provides hundreds of millions of dollars a year in state and local tax revenue?

How is it in America’s national security interest to return to foreign supply over domestic production?

Has Mr. Biden forgotten the 1970’s oil embargo?  Oh wait, never mind.

Regarding the “Let us listen to one another” I certainly don’t expect the President to listen to me, but for the sake of that soul he keeps telling us he’s saving, I pray he would listen to David and Kristina Dickerson of Frankston Texas.

Interviewed on Fox and Friends Wednesday morning David, a union welder, had this to say about the false argument justifying his job being yanked out from under him:

“It’s a good thought, but it’s not a well thought out plan.  It’s still coming in here from Canada, it’s going to be shipped by rail while these people are protesting the pipelines there’s a train driving probably through the same town, they’re in or live in.  They’re all patting each other on the back for it, but they’re not doing anything but making their world a little less safe”

To which his wife Kristina added:

“We need to quit demonizing each other and each other’s industries or we’re not going to get anywhere.”

I certainly don’t miss the early morning Twitter tirades from the toddler in charge. But that toddler, as flawed as he was, for the first time since John Fitzgerald Kennedy, put the American people top of mind and if not for a virus from communist China would have at last turned Kennedy’s economic dream into reality.

And David Dickerson would still have a job.  A good paying union job.

PUBLISHER NOTE:  A version of this column appears in the February 7, 2021 edition of the Joplin Globe.

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