Mr. Biden’s unity unicorn

February 14, 2021

The word “unity” has gotten quite the attention of late.  Whether it was candidate and now President Biden repeating it to anyone who would listen, or the thousands of times it’s made its way into newsprint and cable news scripts it is now fast tracked for the Plain English Foundation’s “Worst Words of the Year” list for 2021.

Not because its not a “good” word in sense of meaning, but its unrelenting repetition by those who think just by saying it, it will happen.

That Americans who do not identify as “liberal” or “left” will happily give up their rights of free speech, religious liberty and their right to keep and bear arms.  That they will somehow just forget all they know of history and willingly fall in line behind the left wing of today’s Democrat party.

The wing of the party that President Biden has sadly deemed to be the future of America.

The latest Gallup survey (January 2021) once again showed an American body politic solidly conservative/moderate ideologically aligned (71%) against the liberal (25%) aligned.

An ideological majority that President Biden now seems determined to ignore.

His flurry of executive actions since inauguration and his refusal to negotiate on items not even remotely related to COVD relief in the $1.9 trillion bill Democrats are ramming through clearly illustrate the new President could care less about “unity”.

Which begs the question, why?

Why would a man who had coveted the Oval Office for decades, whose campaign nucleus was bringing “normal” back to the White House and uniting a fractured and polarized nation, purposely undermine all that good will in a matter of days?

Why would he be so eager to prove that it was he, and not the young woman who asked him about his national appeal back in February 2020, that was the real “lying dog-faced pony soldier.”?

Considering the number of former Obama administration personnel that are now taking up shop in the Biden administration the Occam’s razor explanation is the most plausible.

He may hold the title but in practice to date, Mr. Biden appears to be but the vessel by which Barack Obama implements his third term.  The term that completes what his October 2008 “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” statement promised.

It was supposed to have happened in 2016, but Hillary blew it and Mr. Obama was forced to wait and watch as a President Trump began dismantling that “transformation” one reversal of failed policy at a time.

With a mix of Reagan/Kennedy domestic and foreign policy Trump put adversaries on notice, made allies step up, and let the American people do what they do best:  create jobs and an economy like no other nation on Earth.

Now comes Mr. Biden atop his unicorn Unity charging full gallop, his gold nib saber slashing away at anything Trump with a fury of folly not seen since Pickett’s disaster at Gettysburg.

And buoyed by a Pretorian press corps and urged on by all around him it’s certainly understandable. Yet just like Pickett he will soon encounter the buzz saw of reality.

The reality that no matter how glowing his press, no matter how praised by the international “community”, in the end he will be judged by that majority of America that still believes in America.

The America of David Turner, Lamar who in his letter to the editor last Sunday (Globe Your View:  Letters discuss local control, Hawley, Feb 7, 2021) put the myth of Biden’s “unity” pledge to rest.

After noting the historical timeline that it was the extremists of their day and the ideals they espoused that give us this nation and our freedoms and rights of today he expressed why he would not be singing around Uncle Joe’s campfire of unity any time soon:

“We will not bow to those who want government to run our lives. We will not unite with those who buy votes with the welfare check. We will not unite with those who would forgive debts and have the American taxpayer bear the burden.

My memory includes peasants in Russia under communism, Cuba with Fidel Castro, Venezuela rich in oil and an economy in ruins, and all other nations that have followed the ideas of Karl Marx.”

In today’s “woke” media environment such words get Mr. Turner labeled a “right winger”, “an extremist”, and in some corners of the opposing political party even a “domestic terrorist”.  All for doing nothing more than espousing the governing philosophy of our Founding Fathers.

If Mr. Biden truly wants unity, he can achieve it.  But he will first have to dismount his unicorn and take the reins away from Obama and company.  And that’s a task I fear he’s just not up to.

PUBLISHER NOTE:  An edited version of this column appeared in the February 14, 2021 edition of the Joplin Globe.

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