Old school columnist John Kass schools the mob

November 20, 2021

In July of 2020, Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass penned a piece titled “Something grows in the big cities run by Democrats:  An overwhelming sense of lawlessness.”

The column opened with a simple truth:

“President Donald Trump is sending federal law enforcement into the big cities run by Democratic mayors, where murder and gang shootings are out of control and where once vibrant downtown areas are on their way to becoming ghost towns.

And naturally, the Democratic mayors, backing Joe Biden, are on the defensive, upset that the president might win political advantage, even as the mayors feud with their own police departments, as the violence rises in their towns, as children are gunned down.

But these Democratic cities are also where left-wing billionaire George Soros has spent millions of dollars to help elect liberal social justice warriors as prosecutors. He remakes the justice system in urban America, flying under the radar.

The Soros-funded prosecutors, not the mayors, are the ones who help release the violent on little or no bond.”

And with that, Kass found himself bullseyed by the cancel crowd.

His crime?  Daring to speak openly about a modern-day Oz, the Great and Powerful, left wing billionaire George Soros.

The wizard who quietly showers his favored political candidates with campaign cash from behind his curtain of non-profits and think tanks.  A shower that has turned into a deluge.

As of 2020, his Open Society Foundations network was second only to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  With a budget of over a billion dollars, that’s a helluva lot of levers being pulled and power being wielded upon the American body politic.

Faster than the Jen Psaki running to her podium to “clarify” yet another Biden “mis-speak”, the Chicago Tribune Guild (the union representing reporters and editors) fired off a letter to management accusing Kass of anti-Semitism and promoting the “old trope that Jews foment civil unrest”.  The Guild claimed, “It’s racist and antisemitic, and it should never have been published in the Tribune.”

What the signatories failed to notice in their haste to rid themselves of someone they disagreed with was that in the over 900 words in the column, not one mentioned religion or race.  Liberal, left-wing, yes, but no reference to Soros being Jewish or the skin pigment of the prosecutors mentioned.  Not one.

This time truth prevailed.  When the facts didn’t support the Guild’s hastily tossed word salad posing as journalism the letter fell flat, and Kass survived the coup attempt.

But in the end, even he couldn’t ignore the inevitable.  When NYC based hedge fund Alden Global Capital took over the paper and offered buyouts to select newsroom employees last June, Kass grabbed the buoy.  On June 18th, his last column for the Trib was published and not long after came my last subscription payment.

The Tribune had already moved hard left, but with Kass gone it would be left full rudder with no one at the helm.

And Chicago’s culture warriors loved it.  Writing in the alternative paper Reader, transportation writer John Greenfield headlined with “Mission accomplished:  John Kass has been deplatformed.” , subtext “Yes, it’s part of the tragic gutting of the Tribune, but Kass’ departure is still good news.”

He continued:

“Perhaps the best thing about Kass leaving the Tribune is that Chicago currently has no conservative newspaper columnist. That will help shift our city’s political conversation to the left. That is, closer to what’s considered mainstream in just about any other wealthy nation.”

Let that sink in.  Close to a quarter of the newsroom staff took buyouts, a hedge fund with a reputation for gutting newsrooms was in control, but the local left was cheering no longer having to tolerate an opinion different from its own.

No wonder the October 7, 2021 Gallup organization’s “Americans’ Trust in Media” poll recorded the second lowest point on record (36%) since it began media specific tracking in 1997.

But in the end, Kass laughs last.

While the inmates were giddy with their taking the asylum, he formed www.johnkassnews.com.  No longer constrained by column inches he’s writing long form with the depth and perspective that a print column just can’t provide, and his The Chicago Way podcast is better than ever.

His latest, “Why is corporate legacy media dying? Danchenko indictment and collapsing Russia Hoax narrative reveal the answer: Root Rot.” is one for the ages and I urge anyone reading this column to read it.

From Nicholas Sandman, to Kyle Rittenhouse, to the Russian collusion hoax, the curtain is pulled back and the indictment of facts against the establishment media is there for all to see.

The site is free, the article is free, the only thing required is a free and open mind.  Enjoy.

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