Money Monday 3.23.09

March 23, 2009

So just exactly where are your tax dollars being spent?

Congress and Barney Frank were all aflame (pun intended) last week over the $165 million in AIG bonus payments. They treated the $1 a year, came out of retirement to help, government appointed CEO Edward Liddy worse than they would treat a Gitmo groupee. They showed that when it comes to hypocrisy, the Bank of Congress is brimming over with treasure.

So here’s a thought. Just think about how many of our tax dollars were spent last week dragging Mr. Liddy before the kangaroo court. Think again about how many more will need to be spent defending the constitutionality of the asinine bill the House passed so Pelosi could purr with pride over her public whipping of those evil execs.

From the “it couldn’t happen to a better group” category:

Seems the networks are in a tizzy about Obama’s fascination with seeing himself on television. The very same networks who did all in their power to get him elected are now seeing millions of dollars in ad revenue lost in order to accommodate their golden boy’s desire to “talk directly to the people” by pre-empting prime time shows.

Talk about poetic justice.

TV Week
Wash Post

And from the “no bias, my arse” category:

Here’s a link from 2006 decrying President Bush’s use of Air Force One for a 22 minute flight to Philadelphia. It points out that in 2004, the Air Force estimated it cost the taxpayer approximately $56,800 per hour to operate the President’s plane.
Bush Bad
Contrast the above with the coverage of Obama’s first trip on Air Force One.
The Great O

Where did he go? A foreign country for top level diplomatic talks perhaps? Iraq or Afghanistan to thank our troops for their sacrifice? London or Brussels for an economic summit?

Not hardly.

No, Mr. Obama’s first Air Force One ride, was no farther than Williamsburg, Virginia for a partisan House Democratic party political retreat!

Considering it is now 5 years later AF1 costs surely are now more than $60k per hour.

The left was “outraged” over Bush’s short hop on AF1 yet for Obama not only is there nary a peep, it’s a friggin fawn fest complete with SLIDESHOW for crying out loud.

So here’s your quiz for the day.

At $60k per hour, just how much has it already cost us for all those trips to swing states for bill signings and photo ops, Leno and 60 minutes tapings?

A month ago we were on the verge of another Great Depression and warned to pass the “stimulus” bill with such haste there wasn’t even time for Congress to read it let alone Obama keep his promise of posting it five days before passage. Now all of a sudden everything’s so good we should worry not as he racks up frequent flyer miles for political points.

I wouldn’t mind it so much, except that when he cashes in all those miles, it’s you and me picking up the tab. Official business? Fly whenever and wherever needed. All these photo ops and t.v. trips? The Great O would do well to stay grounded.

Yet the libs still insist there’s no “bias” in the media. Yeh right, and I’ve got a beachfront condo in Arizona I’ll make you a helluva deal on.

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