Sacrifice, Obama style

March 26, 2009

NBC chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd when pressing the President Tuesday night regarding sacrifice in time of crisis:

“But, you don’t think there should be a specific call to action that you want the American—I mean, this is – you’ve described this as an economic crisis like nothing we have seen since the Great Depression.”

Other than the now ordinary spin of he didn’t cause it but he’s going to “fix” it, Wall Street bad and only his budget is the answer, the President gave not one specific to Mr. Todd. Instead he gave generalities of “working hard” and “contributing to their communities” and touting his almost four trillion dollar budget as an example of making “tough decisions”.

They’re going to have to call the Maytag repairman out of retirement if this spin cycle keeps going.

It was a simple question seeking a simple answer. Yet, with no teleprompter to guide him, Obama found specifics scarce

The exchange also brings out the most bothering aspect of this administration. While I won’t go so far as to accuse them of situational ethics yet, I dare say they have mastered “situational doom”.

One week, the sky is falling and the only thing that will keep it up is billions of “stimulus” dollars pouring off the presses. The next week, it’s the stock market falling and all of a sudden, “the fundamentals are strong”, fear not, now go out and buy, buy, buy. Now that there is open questioning on his budget, the President is back to “must pass” or face economic Armageddon.

Good-bad, up-down, yes-no, which IS it already?
Pop the Prozac or pour up a pint?
Regular or De-Caf?
Spend or save?&nbssp; Vacation or stay-cation?
Come on, Mr. President, Enquiring minds want to know. (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

The stakes are too high for the White House to continue this gamesmanship. If Obama wants to be a successful President, he needs to step up and lead. (And somebody in that basket of eggheads he calls a cabinet needs to tell him Leno and YouTube aint it.)

Acknowledgement is needed that though the President’s goals are noble, the nobleman’s treasury is empty. Demanding the doubling of the national debt to implement political agendas does not lead us out of this crisis. Rather, it pulls us farther in to a depth of debt so dark that future generations will never see the light of economic recovery.

Allow me to answer Chuck’s question for you Mr. President:

“Excellent question Chuck, and in the spirit of true leadership, I, your President hereby sacrifice politics for prudence. I am instructing my budget office to scrap the current colossus of red ink and go back to the drawing board. And to further the cause, I am adding seats at that drawing board for all voices. And by listening to those voices, we will shape a budget for ALL Americans.
A budget that addresses my priorities with realism instead of red ink; a budget that pays for my agenda, one step, one program at a time.
After all Chuck, is it really fair to impose economic sacrifice on the children of tomorrow just to perpetuate political popularity today?”

Now THAT, Mr. President would be sacrifice we could all rally round.

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