Money Monday 3.30.09

March 30, 2009

So just exactly where are your tax dollars going?

According to the, a good chunk of them will be spent sending a staff of 500 or so across the pond to accompany President Obama to the G20 summit in London.

Now before I get pilloried from both the left AND the right, I know he’s the leader of the free world, I know security has to be a priority, I know there are huge logistical issues with Presidential travel.

BUT, what I don’t know is why we have to send a contingent from the White House kitchen (fish and chips not good enough?), the Immigration and Naturalization Service (shouldn’t they be staying here worrying about OUR borders?), and the Customs Service (anything to declare Mr. President?).

Yes, to some I will be picking nits, but I can’t help it. This President has made a full court press to tell us how bad things are and we all need to sacrifice for the better good. I’m a firm believer in lead by example.

The trinket gifts to Gordon Brown on his visit here were embarrassing enough, but to now have to bring along kitchen staff as well? I wonder if we dig deep enough in the manifest we’d find the sink too?

While exemplifying excess in times of economic regress is expected from the buffoons at AIG and Wall Street, I expected better from this White House and yes, I expected “change”.
G20 excess

With billions already spent and billions more at stake propping up Detroit comes a story out of Germany that should make us all wonder “Why didn’t WE think of that?”.

Rather than giving money directly to their auto corporations, the German government did something that used to be quite American. They put faith in, and gave power to, the people.

Thanks to an incentive program that gives German citizens approximately $3300 dollars to turn in their old cars to buy newer more fuel efficient vehicles, Germany saw new car sales surge last month.

Such a simple idea. Such an American ideal. Yet so quickly ignored by pols more worried about protecting their own interests rather than promoting programs that might actually work.
Only driven on Sunday

And just when you were starting to see that little extra in your check from the “stimulus” bill? Get ready to see it and much more go right back out in higher energy bills.

Juliet Elperin is reporting in today’s Washington Post on all the regulations being dusted off at the EPA. Under the direction of career envirocrat Lisa Jackson, the EPA is quickly gearing up to bring it back to it’s glory days of 70’s style regulation and enforcement.

Debate the environment all you want. Debate climate change as you will. But one thing that is not open to debate, is this WILL cost and it WILL cost billions.

Billions that every business, every citizen, and every generation in this country will pay through higher energy costs. (And I assure you, it will be much more than the pittance of a tax “cut” you’re getting at present.)
Pay, pay, pay

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