Texas Trifecta: P.C. alive and well in the Lone Star State

June 18, 2011

Apologies for the laps of posts in the past ten days. Between family, the tornado aftermath, and travel, the measly 24 hours given us mere mortals to complete all tasks in any given day did not leave enough time to crank the brain and crack the keyboard.

Sitting here in a hotel lobby reading Drudge and if there was any question this country’s societal and moral compass has completely frizzled the following three stories will remove such.

The first comes from ktrh radio in Houston regarding Texas State Senator Chris Harris actions during a committee hearing on Texas’s Senate Bill 9. The committee Harris was sitting on was hearing testimony on the illegal immigration bill from a
Antolin Aguirre of the Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition. Mr. Aguirre’s English evidently being not so good, he was testifying through an interpreter.

One minor little fact though, seems Mr. Aguirre has been living here in the good ol U S of A for over 23 years! (Since 1988 to be exact.)

Senator Harris’ crime: Daring to speak the following:

“Did I understand him correctly that he has been here since 1988?” Harris asked. “Why aren’t you speaking in English then?”

Yep, seems the new “Mr. Evil” Senator had the gall to think living in this country for almost a quarter of a century without having the respect to learn it’s language was, well, a bit disrespectful.

The second also comes from the Lone Star state and considering it’s overall conservative majority shows that political correctness, like cockroaches after a nuclear war, can survive in any environment.

From CBS affiliate volunteer tv comes a story of a judge in Corpus Christi sentencing a mother to probation on a felony charge of………..spanking her child!

In his admonishment of mother Rosalina Gonzales, Judge Jose Longoria showed us all just how corrosive the liberal mindset has become to basic common sense by actually stating:

“You don’t spank children today,” “In the old days, maybe we got spanked, but there was a different quarrel. You don’t spank children.”

In the judge’s defense, (all be it a weak one) there may be more to this story (as in some serious family dysfunction) as it was the paternal grandmother who turned Rosalina in after finding, (gasp) red marks on the child’s bottom.

If Gonzaels crossed the line from a good ol fashioned spanking into abuse, then of course she should be punished to the full extent of the law, but this does not appear to be the case. Think about it again, a JUDGE to imposed personal politically correct opinion in the sentencing of a mother for doing what mothers and fathers have been doing for centuries. (And your humble author’s OWN behind on numerous occasions, not counting the belt and paddle from school, each one deserved as well. Where the hell was PC when I was a kid?)

And liberals call us conservatives “radical” for stating the fact that liberalism is destroying this country.

And in a tri-fecta not seen in the history of modern civilization, our third story also involves the great State of Texas. This time it involves, (once again), TheCorner’s favorite kook, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas).

From cnsnews.com:

At a hearing on Islamic radicalization within our very own borders, Jackson-Lee showed her “anti-intelligence” again by suggesting that perhaps we should also be investigating Christian militants who are out to destroy the nation. See the following exchange between her and witness Patrick Dunleavy:

Rep. Lee then said, “As we look to be informational, we should include an analysis of how Christian militants or others might bring down the country. We have to look broadly, do we not?”

Dunleavy answered: “I don’t know that Christian militants have foreign country backing or foreign country financing.”

Lee then said, “I don’t think that’s the issue. The issue is whether or not their intent is to undermine the laws of this nation. And I think it is clear that that is the case. So it’s not — your distinction is not answering the question.”

Hmmm, on one hand we have the the former deputy inspector of the criminal intelligence unit, New York Department of Correctional Services trying to be serious about a serious problem facing the internal security of the country and on the other hand we have a United States Congresswoman who is so stupid she actually asked if the Mars Pathfinder probe had taken a picture of the flag Neil Armstrong left in 1969.

Is it any wonder that her “constituents” keep sending her back to Washington every election? I mean, come one, would YOU want her living in YOUR neighborhood?

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