White House whines, Halperin suspended for his honesty

June 30, 2011

If you haven’t heard by now, Time magazine editor at large and MSNBC political analyst Mark Halperin was suspended indefinitely by MSNBC this morning for his statement on Morning Joe regarding President Obama’s attitude at his press conference Wednesday morning.

Halperin’s mortal statement? “I thought he was kind of a dick yesterday”.

Yep, you read it right. Right there on national television he finally stated publicly what so many have been feeling privately. That this President is more than just a national embarrassment, his is, well, hell, I’ll say it too, he’s a dick.

If you watched Obama’s press conference yesterday, you didn’t see a national leader addressing the largest debt crisis in this nation’s history in a calm, collective, Presidential way.

What you saw was a petulant child whining that he wasn’t getting his way.
What you saw was an arrogant narcissist lecturing Congress about its failure to act responsibly while completely ignoring his own culpability in adding more to the national debt in less time than any President in American history.
What you saw was demagoguery and class warfare at its best.

But what’s being lost in the headlines is that Halperin never intended for his “dick” comment to go on the air.

I watched the segment as it unfolded and before he (Halperin) ever said a word this conversation transpired:

HALPERIN: are we on the seven second delay today?
MIKA: oh boy…
HALPERIN: I wanted to characterize how I thought the President behaved.
MIKA: well…we have it, we can use it, right Alex? (referring to the show’s producer)
JOE: yeah sure, come on
MIKA: go for it,
JOE: F 8,
MIKA: yeh, let’s see what happens, Alex hit the button
JOE: I’m behind you, you fall down I’m gonna catch you,
MIKA: and the precedent has been set on this show, so we’re good
HALPERIN: I thought he was kind of a dick yesterday
MIKA: Oh my…(unintelligible)
JOE: Oh my God, delay that….delay that…..what are you doing..
HALPERIN: I think the President…..
JOE: I can’t, I can’t, believe….I was joking….don’t do that….did we delay that?
ALEX: I hit it, I hope it works……….
JOE: Well my mom’s watching so we’ll know whether that worked or not….

As we now know it didn’t work, and America saw something it hasn’t seen since Obama announced his candidacy: A ‘main-stream’ journalist speaking openly and honestly about Dear Leader.

If you were watching as it happened, it really wasn’t a big deal. The roundtable discussion continued with Mika doing her usual fawning over Obama while those with brains pretty much agreed with Halperin.

Within minutes though it was known on the set that Alex pushed the wrong button and the delay did not work. Within even less of those minutes, Halperin was issuing a live, on camera apology. And when watching it unfold in real time it appeared that would be that.

A private moment gone bad, a public apology to correct and life goes on.

But this was MSNBC, this was Obama’s home court, NBC is practically the President’s own network for crying out loud, this could not be left to just a simple mistake and an apology.

And it wasn’t. Press secretary Jay Carney has admitted that he called network executives and expressed the White House’s sentiment regarding Halperin’s comment.

So America, which is the only behavior today that is NOT disgusting and absolutely revolting:

A. Halperin’s open and honest assessment of the President’s behavior
B. The White House exerting Chicago style politics on a network news organization
C. A network news organization buckling to Chicago style White House pressure
D. MSNBC leaving the video of Halperin’s apology up on it’s webiste but scrubbing the event leading up to it

I’m no fan of Time magazine of late but I certainly hope they don’t cave as easily as MSNBC. This country used to be full of Halperin’s. Oh sure, they were liberal, but they at least had the integrity to speak truth to power.

Integrity and truth, two simple words with such noble meaning.

Two words that NBC executives certainly care nothing about out. And as shown by it’s own coercive actions today, neither does the White House.

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  1. anson burlingame on July 1, 2011 at 11:15 am

    So now I know the WHOLE story. Now I will comment on the EC blog.



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