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July 24, 2011











While explaining a vote against raising the nation’s debt ceiling in September of 2007, a freshman United States Senator boldly stated:

“I couldn’t bring myself to vote for this,”…. “President Bush and the previous Republican Congress have taken the surpluses from the Clinton administration and turned our budget to an unacceptable color of bright red. I am comforted by new pay-as-you-go rules that we put in place in January which will result in a surplus by 2012.”

That bold, sage of the class of ’07 was none other than our very own CacklinClaire McCaskill and when she was so, so, concerned about that “unacceptable color of bright red” the national debt stood at $9 trillion.

Today it stands over 50% larger at $14.3 trillion and we hear not a single cackle as she clucks along with Obama, Reid and the rest of the left and their spending spree.  (Guess someone should have told these idiots, that borrowing over 40 cents of every dollar spent does NOT count as “pay-as-you-go”.)

On her website as of Sunday, July 24, 2011 there is not one mention of good ol’ “Cacklin Claire’s” straight party line vote (with Harry Reid and Obama’s blessing mind you) to table cutting current spending, capping future spending, and allowing the states to vote on a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.

Nope, not word.

BUT, under the “News” tab there is a nice little press release entitled: “McCaskill statement on bipartisan, comprehensive plan to cut national debt” that before it goes straight into the DNC talking points states:

“It’s a refreshing thing to have folks of all stripes sit down together, put politics aside, and work toward some common sense solutions……” (“Refreshing” that is if your idea of a “refreshing” is cleaning out the chicken coop on a July afternoon. And while you’re on the subject of “stripes”, isn’t it about time you were fitted for yours for the absolute criminal act of spending this nation’s future on special interests and political payback?)

Cut it now, cap it soon, and balance it later is one of the most “refreshing” proposals to come along in years, yet just three days after your self-promoting press release you vote AGAINST it?

You supposedly represent the “SHOW ME” state, yet so far all you’ve shown US is your ability to cuckle along with Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the Democrat National Committee.

Which is it Claire?

From your own campaign website :

McCaskill was elected to the United States Senate in November 2006, but she has already distinguished herself as an independent voice in Congress.

Hmmm, now just WHICH “independent voice” would that be Claire?

Was it an “independent voice” that told you to vote AGAINST raising the debt ceiling in 2007 when it was politically expedient for your party?

Was it an “independent voice” that told you to vote for the almost trillion dollar boondoggle of a bailout that was politically expedient for your newly elected Dear Leader and his public union allies?

Was it an “independent voice” that told you to vote for one of the worst pieces of legislation to ever come out of the halls of Congress? You know, the one that Nancy Pelosi lectured us we’d just have to read it to see what was in it. The one that was going to create hundreds of thousands of jobs almost immediately. The one that you had promised on record that if it didn’t lower the cost curve or added anything to the deficit you would vote against it? (That one of those you “were against it before your were for it moments”?)

Was it an “independent voice” that when the chance came for you to vote again on the above monstrosity, this time after Missourians had overwhelmingly voted against it in the 2010 elections, you STILL voted with Reid and Obama and AGAINST the wishes of the voters you are supposed to be representing?

You cackle on about being an “independent voice” but when Reid and Obama make the call you’re one of the most “dependable” votes they have?

Was it an “independent voice” that told you to cowardly not participate in project VoteSmart’s national political awareness test when you were running for office?

And finally, just which “independent voice” is it Claire that gives you the following recent special interest rankings:

NARAL-ProChoice America: 100%

Planned Parenthood: 100%

Right to Life: 0%

Sportsmen’s and Animal Owners Voting Alliance: 0%

Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund (Left leaning) 80%

National Taxpayers Union 24%

Americans for Tax Reform 10%

U.S. Chamber of Commerce 27%

National Association of Manufacturers 8%

American Civil Liberties Union 87%

N.A.A.C.P. 95%

Americans for Prosperity 8%

National Education Association grade of “A”

And on, and on they go. As long as a group leans left, CacklinClaire gets accolades and approval. As for her home state?  Well let’s just say Claire seems a lot happier these days with her new home of Washington D.C. than with the home state she’s supposed to be representing.

That would be all fine and dandy if she were a Senator for New York, California or Oregon. But as much as she may wish she was, she’s not and therein the constant dilemma of wanting and needing to vote the liberal agenda all the while trying to hide it from her constituents back home.

But maybe TheCorner is just being to hard on poor Claire.

Maybe all that Washington power and political perks just has her confused. Maybe she’s just forgotten that Missouri is a center-right state and clearly expressed such in the fall of 2010.

Or maybe, just maybe, she’s not nearly as big an “independent voice” as she’d have us believe.

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