Obama’s “Country before Party” mantra is shallow at best

August 20, 2011

Every morning begins pretty much the same. An internet browse of The Globe, Drudge, TheDC, and Politico. It’s both a “what did I miss overnight” and “what the hell has some idiot said now that would make a good column” ritual.

For the record it appears not much was missed overnight but Politico has a great idiot story. The center subject? Why of course none other than our very own Dear Leader with his now far too oft used “putting country ahead of party” mantra.

It starts off benign enough:

Hello from the Country Corner Farm in Alpha, Illinois! ………Now, I’m out here for one reason: I think Washington, DC can learn something from the folks in Atkinson and Peosta and Cannon Falls. I think our country would be a whole lot better off if our elected leaders showed the same kind of discipline and integrity and responsibility that most Americans demonstrate in their lives every day.

OK, so far so good. But then he just can’t help himself:

We can cut payroll taxes again, so families have an extra $1,000 to spend. We can pass a road construction bill so construction crews – now sitting idle – can head back to the worksite, rebuilding roads, bridges, and airports. We’ve got brave, skilled Americans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Let’s connect them with businesses that could use their skills. And let’s pass trade deals to level the playing field for our businesses.

Yaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwn. More Mickey Mouse tinkering from the head Mouseketeer. But wait, this time he has a new phrase from the White House poll rats:

The only thing preventing us from passing these bills is the refusal by some in Congress to put country ahead of party…..That’s why it’s so important that folks in Washington put country before party.

Yep, you’ve got it.   According to Obama the only thing we have to fear is not fear itself, it’s just a few stubborn Congresstypes refusing to put “country before party”.

To the minion masses for which it is intended it is the perfect phrase.   (You know damn well the poll rats wouldn’t be making Dear Leader say it over, and over, and over if it hadn’t “tested” well.)

For the rest of us paying the bills for The Great O’s free spending carnival ride it is pathetic.

Pathetic because we know it’s coming out of the mouth of the most “party-centric” President in modern American politics.

Pathetic because we have seen and heard, up close and personal, the hypocrisy that is this President from day one.

Pathetic because this President has been publicly stating for over TWO YEARS now, JOBS are his first priority, not a day goes by he doesn’t think about them, and he has a detailed plan to bring them back. (Well, o.k. he’s never had a detailed jobs plan but the sentence needed an ending. Cut me some slack, it’s Saturday and it’s early.)

Pathetic because at the very same time he’s on his taxpayer funded campaign tour of the “heartland” his very own E.P.A. and D.O.E. are doing everything possible to rip the economic heart out of this great nation.

Pathetic because at the same time he was expressing his wistful desires that:

I want more products sold around the globe stamped with three words: Made in America.

someone forgot to tell him that the buses he bought for his little three day joy ride were from CANADA. (But then again he could just be confused and thought Canada was the 57th state.)

Pathetic because after three days of bashing “millionaires and billionaires” he and wifey jet off (on TWO separate jets by the way. Michelle just couldn’t wait and required her own jet for her and the kiddos so they could arrive early.) to spend ten joyous days on Martha’s Vineyard surrounded by none other than “millionaires and billionaires”.

Pathetic because while he has been blaming, the Japanese earthquake, the Arab spring, the Libyan uprising, the “manufactured” debt-ceiling crisis (his debt by the way), high gas prices, low demand, etc..etc…etc… he forgot to blame the one person truly responsible: himself.

Had Obama not had a full two years to shove at the American people one carp piece of legislation after another the old “do nothing Congress” Harry Truman might hit a nerve.

But the facts are he did have those two years, it’s HIS policies and regulations that are holding back this economy, and if it wasn’t for a few principled House freshmen the debt-ceiling would have been raised without one dime of cuts and nary a word of debate on the most dangerous enemy facing this nation since World War II.

Sorry Mr. President. You’re as wrong on this issue as you’ve been on practically every other since you entered office. There are many patriots putting “country before party” at this very moment.

THEY are The Tea Party and they are standing strong and proud against wave after wave of your liberal lasciviousness and fiscal debauchery.

THEY are those everyday Americans you talk about in your speeches and then turn your back on to go play golf on the Vineyard.

THEY are the millions of workers who work for such companies as Boeing, Cessna, Exxon, Chevron, Conoco, Chase, Bank of America and hundreds of others that day after day find themselves in a losing battle not against foreign competition, but from the bureaucracies that you control.

THEY are the voters who cannot wait and can only pray that this nation can survive the next fourteen months until the nightmare that is the Obama administration can finally be ended.

(A CornerNote:  If you’re of stout stomach, low blood pressure, or just have a penchant for viewing the absurd, feel free to click here and watch the hypocrisy unfold before your very eyes.

But if you do decide to watch and then find yourself nauseated and your weekend ruined, don’t blame me, blame Congress.)

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