Points to ponder: Obama-nomics, “terrorists”, and just what IS Obama smoking?

August 21, 2011

If you really want to drive yourself crazy take a couple moments and try to imagine your financial position right now if on that now fateful day in November of 2008 the country hadn’t had a schizophrenic episode.

Obama made it clear on his three day joy ride through the heartland that he wanted to see more “Made in America” product stamps around the globe. It probably would have rang a bit truer if he hadn’t made the tour on million dollars plus Canadian buses paid for by Joe and Jane Taxpayer.

The Tea Party: Putting “country before party” four trillion dollars ago.

If this President is truly as smart as his minions suggest, just why is it then that he can’t bring himself to use the words “balanced” and “budget” together in a sentence?

Jefferson, Washington, Franklin, Madison and Adams:  Original American “terrorists”.

Who are the “real” terrorists? Principled politicians who refuse to participate in the financial pedophilia of future generations or those hell bent on spending this nation into bankruptcy all in the name of “fairness” and “social-justice”?

It’s not so much that I could give a crap whether Obama has truly given up smoking or not, it’s that whatever he obviously IS smoking he’s not sharing.

While the media is ripping into Rick Perry for his views on evolution, anthropological global warming  and calling out Ben Bernanke you might want to consider that the so called “smartest President in history” currently occupying the Oval Office is on record stating he had visited all 57 states and had but one to go, does not know how to pronounce the word “corpsman”, can’t put two sentences together without his teleprompter, and didn’t even know the age of his eldest daughter.

For the past three months it has been almost a daily mantra from one administration lackey after another (and sometimes even from the head lackey himself) that “over two million jobs” have been created since Dear Leader took office. Even if you accept that number, why in the hell then are the 400,000 new unemployment applicants week after week never counted AGAINST that so called two million created? It’s the age old story of the wife returning from shopping: “Hey look honey, I saved over 75% and it only cost us two thousand dollars! Huh? What’s that? We don’t HAVE two thousand dollars? Oh well, we still SAVED 75%, isn’t that great? Now come here and give your little honey boo a hug.”

One year, two months and give or take a few days:   The time left until Barack Hussein Obama officially knocks off Jimmy Carter as the worst President in history.

One year, two months and give or take a few days:   The time left until Nancy Pelosi wins yet another re-election.  Proving that no matter how damaging Botox is to brain cells and no matter how stupid one human being can be, there are always those more stupid and 90% of them live in California’s 8th Congressional District.

Ever wonder how in the hell Obama’s approval rating miraculously stays above 40 percent no matter what?   Sit in the customer service booth at your local grocery store on any given day for a couple hours and count the number who pay for their cart of soda, chips and junk food with their friendly taxpayer provided “ebt” card, then follow them out to the parking lot as they get into their “cash for clunkers” car and just for grins go ahead and follow em “home” to their rent subsidized duplex complete with low income assistance phone and utilities. And while you’re there go ahead and give a cash tip to the city worker mowing the lawn and doing the landscaping. (After all, it just wouldn’t be fair asking the “poor” people living there to do their own yard work.)

(Coming up next: With Dear Leader and current minions all on vacation, Robert Gibbs was trotted out on Meet the Press this morning to defend his former “say one thing, do another” boss. Three things came out of the interview: This administration still has not a clue of the real workings of a capitalistic society, it is and will remain fully committed to every regulation and government program it can get out before being “booted out” in 2012, Obama’s re-election campaign is going to be the nastiest, most negative, most hypocritical of any in American history.)

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