Missouri’s Lt. Governor, Peter Kinder has an “Obama problem” of Presidential proportions

August 27, 2011

Peter Kinder has an “Obama problem” of Presidential proportion. Said “problem” being how long can a politician get away with saying one thing and doing another until the voters finally catch on and turn their proverbial backs on him?

From being caught charging thousands of dollars of luxury hotel nights to Missouri taxpayers , to being dumb enough to leave his keys in his car which was then stolen and rammed through a brick wall of a gun shop, this year has shown our Republican Lt. Governor to anything BUT a fiscal hawk over taxpayer dollars or the brightest bulb in the box.

And a recently surfaced cell phone pic of a flushed and beaming Kinder posing with former Penthouse Pet Tammy Chapman at a St. Louis area bar certainly doesn’t help.

But the real problem for Kinder isn’t the pic, it’s the thousand words behind it . Some of which describe a then 40 something State Senator frequenting a strip club and being all too focused on Ms. Chapman. Words that tell a story of an overly aggressive, anything but a “kinder” Kinder, on the border between obsession and harassment.

But even if those words are true, (Kinder denies Chapman’s account of the “relationship”) the words doing the most damage to Kinder are his own.

They start reasonable and logical enough:

“As a young single man, 17 years ago, I made a foolish choice,” ……… “I had no thought that I would run for any statewide office, much less possibly run for governor someday.”

But they then devolve from the believable and forgivable down to the “for crying out loud, do you really expect us to believe that crap”?

Said crap being posted recently in stltoday.com:

“We were having a beer and the girls come by and chat. And you meet various of them, and that’s where I met Tammy,” Kinder said. “That much is true. Subsequently, I returned on a handful of occasions.”

A “handful” was about 10 times, Kinder said. He compared his fondness to Chapman to a line in a Dean Martin song, “Let’s Be Friendly.”

—”‘My what lovely scenery, cupid’s own machinery,'” Kinder said, quoting the lyrics. “That is an innocent expression of romantic love — romantic attraction, I should say — that sort of captures the beginning of this. And then you realize that you are pursuing that in a strip club.”

Chapman has told several media outlets that he was aggressive with her and focused on her to the point of making her uncomfortable. She told the Post-Dispatch that, at one point, Sauget police had to intervene.

On Wednesday, Kinder said he never engaged in any behavior that violated the club’s safety rules.

“None whatsoever,” Kinder said. “Not only that, there was never any incident giving rise to any occasion for the manager to come down in any fashion.”

Sauget police said they have no record of any such incident involving Kinder.

Wednesday’s interview was at Paul Mineo’s Trattoria restaurant in West Port Plaza; Kinder said he is currently dating the owner, Brigitte Mineo. He says he now finds strip clubs immoral and exploitative of woman.

“I came to realize this is not consistent with my upbringing. I’m a Christian. I’m a sinner. I’m a sinning Christian,” Kinder said. “I was raised in a good family and thought, ‘You know, continuing to go there is leading me down the wrong path.'”

Trying to pass off obvious sexual lust as “an innocent expression of romantic love”, excusing your behavior as “never violating safety rules” (who knew strip clubs had “safety” rules?), is bad enough, but trotting out the “I’m a Christian, I’m a sinner”, crosses the line from disbelief to just plain disgusting.

And Kinder’s explanation of how last winter it was just happenstance that he came to be at yet another bar of the same type requires a Hillary Clinton “suspension of disbelief” moment:

(Still quoting from stltoday.com)…..Kinder said that earlier this year — late in the afternoon on a weekday in late winter — he was driving through the city’s Grove neighborhood on his way to the Central West End, where Kinder was a frequent guest at the Chase Park Plaza hotel.

“It was going on 5 o’clock in the afternoon. I finished my last appointment of the day,” Kinder recalled. “I felt the urge to use the bathroom and I was in the neighborhood.”

He went to a bar on the corner of Vandeventer and Boyle avenues, Verlin’s, where the female bartenders are known for their revealing attire.

An advertisement for the bar shows several women in tight spandex shorts and promises “Every night’s a pantless party.”

Kinder said he had never heard of the bar nor seen the ad. After using the bathroom, he said he stayed at Verlin’s and ordered a glass of red wine.

So that’s your story Mr. Lieutenant Governor? While you’re certainly entitled to have it, and you’re certainly entitled to “stick to it”, you’re not really expecting us to believe it are you?

Even if we buy the laughable in the neighborhood bathroom urge story, how are we to reconcile your self-professed, solid Christian moral compass with your decision to remain in the pantless pantry and peruse the perishables over a glass of wine?

The truth is we can’t reconcile your words with your actions.

The truth is an entire nation is now suffering the consequences for not reconciling another candidate’s words with his actions back in 2008.

The truth is Missourian’s are tired of being told one thing while seeing their politician’s do another. (Are you paying attention Claire?)

The truth is Mr. Kinder, your credibility is shot.

We may be forgiving here in the Bible Belt but we’re also damn tired of being taken for granted.  If you’re but an inkling to be the Christian you profess to be, you’d know that.

You’d know that talking words of excuse are no substitute for actions of contrition.

And returning campaign contributions to those that request it and ceasing efforts to seek higher office would be a great place to start.

One of the fundamental principles of the Republican party is that choices have consequences.  You made your choices Mr. Kinder, it is far past time to face the consequences.  It’s the only “Christian” thing to do.

One Response to Missouri’s Lt. Governor, Peter Kinder has an “Obama problem” of Presidential proportions

  1. anson burlingame on August 27, 2011 at 10:50 am


    There are oh so many elements to this story about Kinder. Many men, can (but probably will not) say, “There but for …., go I”.

    I could regale anyone with stories of “liberty”, particularly in a foreign port, of my own behavior and the behavior of many “distinguished” naval officers that moved on the high rank and achievement. In fact I would go so far as to suggest that MOST naval officers that went to sea and entered “liberty ports” away from their homeport (whether foreign or not) at some point in their career behaved much in the same way that Kinder has obviously behaved.

    Does that mean we should put out a dragnet over the last 20 or so years and fire every 4 star officer or Master Chief Petty Officer today that EVER behaved as such? We would have a significant deficit in senior leadership in the ranks of our armed forces today for sure, if that were to happen. Look at the midgrade officer flight from the Navy after Tailhook. The aviation community had a huge problem finding “clean” Lieutenant Commanders after that scandle.

    I am not excusing Kinder’s behavior, particularly the suggestions that he continued to quietly inhabit such places long after “sowing wild oats” 17 years ago. It is his attempt to diminish it now after being “caught” (why did he keep such a picture around on his cell phone for example).

    NO POLITICIAN willingly admits a mistake today, acknowledges the lesson learned from the mistake and moves on with life afterwards. Obama of course does that all the time, NOT admit a mistake. Rather it is either Bush, the “rich” or now the Tea Party that has ever been the sole cause of things going wrong today.

    And look at the GANG that actually believes such crap today, right here in River City, much less the larger national scene. I don’t believe I have EVER read a local liberal blog pointing out some serious mistakes made by Obama for now almost 3 years.

    In fact the strongest liberal criticism against Obama locally from liberals his is failure in leadership (but they call it not being tough enough) to double down on HIS mistakes be it Obamacare, stimulus, raising taxes, etc.

    There are many liberals or “fence hangers” that argue with me all the time in blogs about Obama’s leadership skills (as opposed to political skills which I acknowledge that he as, too many in fact).

    Political skill is far different from LEADERSHIP in my view. But I have a hard time getting that point across to liberals around here or nationwide.

    So I agree with the point of your blog to link Obama and Kinder to a degree. Both refuse to admit mistakes, big and continuing mistakes that are hurting our State and our country, at least in my view.

    Kinder of course is now “dead meat” politically and should be. But Obama……, no way and I think he just might win again in 2012 using some awesome polticial skills to cover up his abysmal failure as a real leader for ALL Americans.

    Might I say, “YUK”.



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