Obama delivers yet another “lecture” in latest joint session “speech”

September 9, 2011


Presidents are judged by their speeches and their actions.

We have ingrained in our national psyche the words of: “we have nothing to fear but fear itself”, “ask not what your country can do for you…….”, “beware the military industrial complex”, and the Hoover Dams, moon shots and interstate highway system that were just some of the actions brought about by the men who spoke those grand words.

After last night’s latest “lecture” to America, it is obvious the great Presidents quoted above are in no danger of being pushed aside in history to make room for the great Obama.

For while many in the media try to portray their Dear Leader as the greatest orator in Presidential history, that same history is much more likely to relegate him to its dustbin than it is a pedestal.

To date, TheCorner cannot recall even one “great” phrase from any of the tens of thousands of words now put forth by this current most prolific of Presidential speakers. (As for his actions, do we really want to raise the blood pressure going into a weekend?)

And if last night’s command performance before a joint session of Congress was any indication, future generations will not be reading in their history books the inspiring phrases and reconciling tone of one Barack Hussein Obama.

To see the speech as anything but yet another campaign event for this perpetual candidate one would have to:

Completely ignore the irony of a now “immediate urgency” speech being delivered not just weeks after a secluded Martha’s Vineyard vacation but after TWO of them and over a year’s worth of doing nothing.

Completely ignore the fact that the actual substance of the speech included nothing new, and absolutely nothing bold.

Completely ignore the fundamental truth of true “bi-partisanship”: that the one demanding it the most must also put forth the largest olive branch. (Obama has shown he has plenty of whipping sticks, he just can’t ever seem to find that darned olive tree.)

Completely bury your head in the sand in regards to the current fiscal situation of this country.

Fortunately for Obama there is still plenty of Kool-Aide left in the pitcher and the mainstream media is as thirsty as ever.

Between MSNBC, the networks, and the NYTimes of the world there are still plenty of minions willing to “report” the greatness of Obama’s “American Jobs Act” and the danger that lurks for any evil politician who dare not get in line and cast the proper vote.

And to add insult to injury to just how low the once great “fourth estate” has sunk, the vast majority of the American people will never hear “reporting” telling them that the “act” is filled with nothing but a doubling down of policies already shown to have failed to create jobs or stimulate economic growth.

If Obama was truly serious about putting Americans back to work he would reign in his Czar’s and regulatory Lord’s and Ladies and let the American people do what they do best in times of crisis: roll up their sleeves and get it done.

But he did not, and he will not do that.

His ideology is as pure for the left’s agenda as his devotion to the game of golf. His hero’s are not past great Americans, they are the initials of the great EPA, HHS, DOE, DOJ and on and on and on. Never fear oh little one, your government is here.

Last night was not so much a speech to inspire as it was yet another Dear Leader lecture instructing us to just do as he says and all will be fine.

But to be fair, Obama at least stayed consistent.

He at least stayed true to his convictions. He at least remained the “I shall assume no responsibility for my actions” President we have all come to know and loathe.

In fact he was so consistent and so true to those convictions that not only did he have the gall to be the first President in history to demand a joint session of Congress to deliver a campaign speech, he actually found the arrogance to put forth all the spending, spew out all the sound bytes and yet once again leave it to others to figure out how to pay for it. (He’s going to “instruct” the newly formed “super-committee” to go beyond their legislative mandate and just add in his additional $450 billion.)

Yep, Obama’s definitely the product of the entitlement cocoon in which he was raised: “Spend whatever you want, do whatever you wish, and then just blame others for not fixing your mess.”

“Financial pedophile” may sound harsh but it is the only label left that can accurately describe this President and his party. How else can one explain a philosophy of spend now in real, borrowed, debt adding dollars for short term political gain and make our children and grandchildren pay for it through mystical “future”cuts?

The party of Obama and Pelosi is not the Democratic party of our great grandfathers, our grandfathers and our fathers and it is most certainly not a Democratic party that any thinking American today can identify with.

America won a war of independence, survived a civil war, WWI, WWII, the Cold War and 9/11; and yet the only “hope” we now have is to pray that we survive the final fourteen months of this most intrusive and destructive administration in American history.


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