9.11.11: Terrorism, liberalism and the path straight to hell

September 11, 2011

As of just yesterday morning, there wasn’t going to be a 9/11 column from this corner of the world.  While I have very strong emotions surrounding the tragedy and the decade passed since, I just didn’t feel there was anything I could say that wasn’t already being said.

But then the signs began to come.  (If you’re not a believer in those little ‘nudges’ from the man upstairs, I hold you no ill will, but will most certainly say a prayer for you as you are missing the most important aspect of the time we have upon this planet.)

First was the news story on the radio about Martin Rosenthal and his little group “Brookline Political Action for Peace” in Brookline Massachusetts wanting the reciting of the “Pledge of Allegiance” in Brookline public schools to be ended.

According to a story in the Washington Post , Rosenthal’s group feels that the pledge:  “has no educational value and is reminiscent of totalitarian regimes.”  (Here in the heartland it may be a bit hard to believe that there are actually “Americans” among us who would demand such an action but sadly the closer you get to the coasts, the more abundant they become.)

Then came the unplanned counterpunch a few minutes later when listening to David Beamer, father of Todd Beamer, the “let’s roll” passenger of United 93 that helped organize the counterattack against the terrorists that most terrible of days, ten years ago.

TheCorner is quite sure that when Mr. Beamer agreed to talk about his son and the effects 9/11 had upon his own family, he never dreamed he would be listening in the green room to a story such as that provided by the Brookline idiots.  But he did and when it was his time to speak he showed on the air what the vast majority of American’s feel about the Rosenthal’s in this country:  disgust.  Disgust that there are actually some Americans who hide behind the Constitution to undermine the very nation that gives them the right attack it in the first place.

Yes, after hearing the above two stories, there was much to be said but still no sense of need for a 9/11 “column”.  (Some of us are more stubborn than others and need a slightly larger “nudge” at times.)

But five hours later, when the face of a steeled and resolved American soldier was staring back at me from a used magazine rack I got the final “nudge” and this “WTF is wrong with you America?” moment.

It wasn’t the image of the soldier on the cover that grabbed me, it was the location of where I found him.  He was the cover image for the October, 29, 2001 issue of Time Magazine.  The tag line:  Going In.  Headline above the masthead:  Home Front:  The Anthrax War.  And it was all to be had for the flea market price of a buck twenty-five.

That was my “nudge”.  A combination of sorrow, sickness and shame came upon me.  Sorrow for the victims and the families of 9/11, sickness for what that young man on the cover and hundreds of thousands more went through because of the attack, and shame that just ten short years later, such an image, such a story was already relegated to a flea market in southern Missouri.

I began to think of all that has changed since that Tuesday morning.  How so far we’ve come from those first few months of absolute unity in spirit and resolve of purpose to a group of Brookline, MA blithiots publicly stating that this nation’s own pledge of allegiance “has no educational value and is reminiscent of totalitarian regimes.”

I do not publish to this space today to ask you to remember 9/11 and the tragedy that it was and still is.  Anyone with a soul is already doing that.  I publish to this space today to ask you to take stock of where we are as a nation and honestly ask yourself:  Is this what you want for America, is this where you felt we would be as a country ten years on?

Whether you are liberal or conservative, I feel very safe in betting the answer is NO from either side of the aisle.

Liberals are quick to blame former President Bush and his “lying” us into an unneeded war with Iraq as the reason we are at the crossroads we find ourselves today.

While it is still a free nation and they are free to believe their delusions as they wish (does not ONE of them recall that EVERY western intelligence agency at the time thought Saddam was going after weapons of mass destruction, does not ONE of them recall that dozens of Democrats VOTED to allow the use of force in Iraq, does not ONE of them recall their current Senate leader Harry Reid giving up on our very own troops and stating the war was lost, does not ONE of them dare look at the division that is this nation today and not realize who planted the seeds of hate and who has nurtured and grown them with haste these past few years?)

Some of you reading this will question why on this day of remembrance I take such a partisan tone.  The answer is simple:  I owe it to that soldier on the cover.  I owe it to every other soldier since then.  I owe it to every man, woman and child in this great nation that feels we do not need to accept decline, that we do not need to accept mediocrity, and that we most certainly do not need to accept a federal government intruding upon every aspect of our daily lives.

In the past decade since 9/11 we have gone from a few deranged lunatics launching attacks from the outside, to an army of minions undermining us from the inside.

For crying out loud, we have the Vice-President of the United States calling fellow citizens who just happen to believe in balanced budgets and responsible spending “terrorists” and we have the Commander in Chief saying silent about his union allies calling to “take the sons of bitches out” and uttering not a peep when hundreds of union longshoremen thugs hold private security guards hostage, destroy private property and send the local police running for their own safety.

When THAT is what currently occupies the highest level of government in this nation, the one and only one thing to do on such a solemn day is to shout from every mountain top, from every rooftop, in the most loudest of voices:  ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

This nation did not survive the worst terrorist attack in history to see itself just ten years later subjugated to the whims of a corrupt political class.

To the victims, families and friends of 9/11, you are and will always be in our prayers.

To “the pledge has no educational value” crowd and the rest of you Kool-Aide drinkers, here’s a message from one of those “terrorists”,  “sons – of – bitches”:

Kindly stop by Biden’s house on your way to pick up Hoffa, then swing by the White House where Dear Leader is anxiously awaiting with Maxine Waters and you all have a nice, pleasant trip straight to hell.

America was not built upon oppressive government regulation, she did not grow from class warfare ideology, and she most certainly did not reach the pinnacle of human civilization to be torn asunder by an incompetent community organizer and his gang of thugs.

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