New York Nine gives a worried nation a ray of Hope that Change can come.

September 14, 2011
Bob Turner, New York’s newest Congressman

Tens of millions of American’s have witnessed first hand President Obama’s changing of the American economy into a hopeless morass of regulations, fines and edicts controlled and directed by his own personal army of czars and bureaucrats.

These are sad and depressing times indeed. But for the first time in a long time there was some good news to be had last night, and it came from one of the most unlikely of places.

It came from the heart of Queens, New York, and what is known in politi-speak as the 9th Congressional District of the State of New York.

And it came loud and strong.

In a district that democrats had controlled since the early 20’s and one that enjoys a three to one margin of registered Democrats over Republicans, a 70 year old political novice Bob Turner defeated the handpicked democrat party candidate David Weprin by a resounding margin.

While there is plenty of spin coming out of the DNC, the White House and the DwainBwains of the world this morning attempting to explain away New York 9 as an anomaly in a turbulent time, there is no amount of spinning that can obscure the truth of the rebuke given yesterday to Obama and his policies.

After all, this is a district that had NEVER elected a Republican to Congress.

Adding insult to injury is the fact that Welprin, a practicing Jew, was so resoundingly defeated in a district that is itself forty percent Jewish. (But don’t expect Obama to quit cozying up to the Palestinians anytime soon. The cadre of tweed jackets that surround this President just flat out don’t like Israel and that anti-Semite undercurrent is not going away until there is a new occupant in the Oval Office.)

So while the President is out today yet again spending your money on a campaign trip to North Carolina to taunt Congress for not passing his “jobs” bill “right away”, take solace America.

If a Democrat fortress that had never in its entire history sent a Republican to Congress is seeing through Dear Leader’s bovine excrement there truly is HOPE that come November 2012, we can get can finally get the CHANGE we need to put this country back on track.

Side Note:

If you do decide to torture yourself listening to Obama bash and blame at WestStar Precision today, you might want to keep in the back of your mind a little fact that he won’t be telling you today.  The fact that the very company he is using as his prop,just opened a brand new 10,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in ………wait……you’re not going to believe this……….yes, Virginia the truth truly is stranger than fiction……….San Jose, Costa Rica!

Yep, the very same blithiot spending your tax money to crisscross every swing state faster than a speeding Gibson guitar raid to tout his “American Jobs Act” is on this very day promoting a company that just created how knows how many hundreds of jobs in COSTA RICA!!!

How in the hell is Carney and the DNC going to spin THAT one?

2 Responses to New York Nine gives a worried nation a ray of Hope that Change can come.

  1. anson burlingame on September 14, 2011 at 11:43 am


    I have yet to read Duane’s excuses but now can’t wait.

    On the other hand we have our own problems. Perry to me looks like he is coming apart and the seams nationally now, and rightly so in my view. If he sticks to his 2010 book pronouncements, I hope he is dead meat.

    Gingrich remains my hope for change. To me he is the only “adult” in our crowd.


  2. Geoff on September 14, 2011 at 2:36 pm

    Oh he’s definitely got the spin on it. Even goes so far as to deny Obama even HAS a Jewish problem. (I’m way behind on posts but just swamped with the real job as the re-construction has in the tornado area has shifted into high gear) Gingrich would make a great President but there is no way with this media he is even close to electable. BUT a Romney/Gingrich (wouldn’t you love to see Gingrich ‘debate’ Biden? Talk about mopping the floor with your opponent) ….or….Make just ONE exception in the new administration and allow one CZAR. The Federal Government Reorganization Czar and the get the hell out of Newt’s way and watch the budget be balanced, defense be strong, entitlements be reformed and the private sector economic engine running perfectly on twelve cylinders timed to perfection.


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