Obama down, America up in latest Gallup poll

September 16, 2011

Today was going to expose more salacious tidbits gleaned from the great “American Jobs Act” but more pressing news has presented overnight.

For those of us in the majority who desire our federal government to be fiscally responsible, limited in scope, and accountable for its actions, the news is better than good. Actually it’s better than good. Some might even find it great. Others, your publisher included, find in it much “hope” that “change” will most assuredly come in November, 2012 and this nation’s nightmare from putting an inexperienced community organizer in charge of the world’s largest economy will finally come to an end.

And just what, pray tell could be such good news that it should send said publisher into the weekend with a smile on his face and a bounce in his step?

How about the revelation from Gallup that the American people aren’t quite as dumb as the Democrats take them for?

Would that be good news to you? It certainly is to TheCorner. Especially since it comes from Gallup. (The NYTimes and the White House press corps may be able to turn their noses at other polling groups but Gallup is their own gold standard so when Gallup speaks………….)

But enough teasing. The news of the day that has this column as giddy as a five year old in a candy store is the latest Presidential approval rating.

Seems that demanding a joint session of Congress to give a campaign speech and then spending who knows how much of your tax dollars hopping from one campaign stop to another to taunt Congress with a grating call of “pass it now”, not only just didn’t work, it backfired.

The latest Gallup Obama Job Approval tracking poll has him sinking all the way down to 39 percent approval with over half of the country (53%) disapproving.

It appears that even the Kool-Aide drinkers are beginning to question just what is it that they’ve been drinking these past three years.

Obama and the DNC will do their damnedest to blame a “do nothing” Congress if Stimulus II (aka The American Jobs Act) doesn’t pass, but in the end the American people will see through it.

For no matter how loud, nor how many times Dear Leader demands “pass it now” it will fall into the “what if the President gave a speech and nobody listened” category.

You cannot spend the first three years of your Presidency ignoring jobs and the economy while ramming through a left wing legislative agenda and then expect credibility when you all of a sudden cry “crisis”.

The White House talking points are to blame the Tea Party “terrorists” and those evil, uncaring Republicans and that’s just fine with TheCorner.

For it seems that finally the American people have woken up. That the more the President talks the more he hurts himself. And anything that hurts this disaster of a President can only be good for America.

So enjoy today and head into the weekend knowing you’ve been right all along.

You have been absolutely point on that America is sick and tired of a radical minority trying to run rough shod over the paying  majority.




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