Harry Reid holds government “hostage” over less than $20 in offsets

September 27, 2011

If a member of either major political party was threatening to shutdown the entire federal government over the equivalent of less the $20 in offsetting spending cuts would you think that person, immature, petty, obstinate?  Would perhaps you say said person was putting “party over country” and “playing politics with peoples lives”?

While you would be correct in stating the above regarding a politician willing to sink to such a low, you would be wrong if you repeated the main stream media narrative that it must be a Republican acting out such behavior.

For it is none other than Senator Harry Reid, ruler of the United States Senate that as recent as yesterday was holding the entire federal government “hostage” over a Republican passed House bill that contained a paltry $1.5 billion in offsetting spending cuts.

Read on for background and context:

(Publisher’s note: Sunday’s Globe editorial “Put Politics Aside” highlighted once again the disconnect between the crushing burden that is our national debt and the public’s insatiable appetite for “federal” dollars.

It starts off harmless enough stating both the Republican and Democrat stance on additional dollars for FEMA. (Republicans passed a bill with a minor spending offset, Harry Reid and the Dems are balking.)

But while it starts harmless enough, its conclusion is devastating.

Devastating in that it once again ignores the larger much more dangerous problem of deficits and debt by succumbing to the same intellectual dishonesty that seems to infect every community when it comes to “their” money. (Yes, we’re for balanced budgets, just don’t balance that budget with OUR money.)

Senators Blunt and McCaskill are held up as “voices of reason” for stating that disaster money should just come “without strings attached” while implying that those who wish to do both (find the money AND pay for it from other non-priority spending) have forgotten “all about the spirit of humankind”.

TheCorner respectfully suggests that:

  1. The “spirit of humankind” does not live in federal dollars
  2. Taking small, incremental steps to secure the fiscal future of our children and grandchildren is not “playing politics” it is just “practicing prudence”.

The commentary below puts those $1.5 billion in offsets being “demanded” by the House into perspective.)

Listen to Democrats and their media allies lately and all you hear is how those intransigent “Tea Party” Republicans are terrorists holding the entire country “hostage” demanding crippling cuts in federal spending.

Listen to that same media this past week and you hear the same PLUS the added emotion of this time those evil Republicans are turning their backs on disaster victims.

How could they be so heartless, so cruel?

How dare they “demand” $1.5 billion in cuts from a Department of Energy “green car” loan program in exchange for an additional $3.2 billion in FEMA funding for FY 2012.

Here’s how they dare:

The federal spending level at present (there is no budget as the Democrat controlled Senate under iron fist of Harry Reid has refused to submit one for over two years now to protect their majority from unpopular votes to be used against them come election time) is right around $3.8 trillion with a T smackeroos.

That $1.5 billion in offsetting cuts that Harry Reid threatened a government shutdown over was a whopping .000395 percent of the $3.8 trillion total that your federal government is gorging on each and every day.

According to a Bloomberg Businessweek story published just two weeks ago U.S. median household income (that’s the middle point for you DwainBwain’s out there) fell to $49,445.00 in 2010, down from $50,599 in ’09.

So to put this all in perspective, the amount of money Reid was willing to shut down the entire federal government for to retain a DOE crony capital slush fund was less than $20 bucks when compared to the median household income. It’s actually $19 bucks and 53 cents to be exact (.000395 x $49,445) but why quibble over pennies when you can spend trillions?

And for you extreme leftist out there: Even if those evil Republicans are heartless enough to expect a family at the 2011 poverty line to pay for the offset, it would come out to $8.83 for the year(22,350 x .000395) or 2.4 cents a day.

Reid even had the gall to state publicly Monday:

“I don’t know how much more we can compromise, how much more fair we can be,”

Really Harry?

The man who refuses to even allow votes for fear his own Democrats will vote against him is now lecturing on what is “fair”?

How in the hell is asking for less than $20 bucks in spending offsets is NOT fair?

How in the hell is taking funds from a bloated agency’s budget to instead put that money in the hands of disaster victims NOT fair?

How in the hell did so many in this country become so stupid so fast that they now just slurp up without complaint whatever charge the Dems make and their media minions dutifully repeat?

Everyone whining about those big bad evil Republicans should remember one thing: FEMA is an acronym for the Federal Emergency Management Agency, it is NOT the Free Eternal Money Act.

And just in case you still haven’t figured out where TheCorner stands on this issue, below is the online comment posted yesterday to the Globe site itself:

Only in this Alice in Wonderland world of 16 trillion dollar national debt in which we now find ourselves is asking that money for disaster relief be offset from other non-essential government spending labeled by liberals as ‘playing politics’ or ‘holding hostage’.

The disease of ‘give me, give me, give me’ has spread so far and for so long it has now become the federal government’s job to rebuild Joplin schools.

For crying out loud people, are their ANY adults left in the room?

Continuing to feed our own selfishness for ‘federal’ money now only makes it that much worse on our children and future generations.

Financial pedophilia is what it is and both parties are guilty. Yet they are but accomplices to a public that just refused to accept responsibility.

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3 Responses to Harry Reid holds government “hostage” over less than $20 in offsets

  1. JW on September 27, 2011 at 12:50 pm

    Good article. I notice that Reid is always declaring bills DOA. If he thinks the House bill are so bad, mabye the Senate should start taking the lead, or maybe they don’t have a clue how to fix things.

  2. Unlce Jed on September 27, 2011 at 3:58 pm

    If only the Dem party could be declared DOA we could finally get this country back on track and started working again.

  3. WhoCares on September 27, 2011 at 7:40 pm

    It’s all the same. One year the Dems the next the Rethugs, Ron Paul 2012.


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