Give Obama his Clinton tax rates but demand return to Clinton regs

September 28, 2011

The headline read: Don Young: Roll back regs to ‘prosperous’ 1991 .

My 100 watt energy sucking Edison original incandescent bulb moment came a millisecond later.

While I don’t agree with rolling back every regulation put in place for the past 20 years, a review is most certainly in order and would quite frankly be a helluva lot more cost effective than any ‘shovel ready’ project or Solyndra scam.

But then again could it really be THAT bad, rolling them all back? We weren’t dying in the streets or anything were we?

After all, if memory serves correct, water was drinkable, air breathable, and for an added bonus, healthcare manageable.

But if 20 years seems a bit daunting, perhaps we could just start with rescinding everything printed since January, 2009.

Undoing the damage Dear Leader has inflicted upon this economy in just the past three years would make the previous seventeen at least tolerable.

Most importantly though Edison’s marvel shed light upon THE question of the day:

Why aren’t those of us on the side of production and prosperity, freedom and liberty, pushing back harder against the falsities that this administration puts forth on a daily basis?

Day in and day out the media dutifully repeats the DNC talking points that the budget deficit would just magically disappear if the country would only return to the Clinton tax rates of the 90’s. (Of course they only want the Clinton rates for the “evil rich”, make no mention about what to do with the millions of Americans that the Bush tax cuts took completely OFF the tax rolls, and also conveniently leave out that after the ’94 elections Clinton was dragged back to the center and forced to implement tax CUTS which along with the .com bubble fueled the now much distorted Democrat claim of Clinton’s economic genius but I’ve learned not to worry about facts when writing about Democrats. They don’t care so why should I?)

Day in and day out we’re inundated with Dear Leader demanding the rich pay their “fair share” and that his new BFF Warren Buffet should not be paying a lower tax rate than their secretary. (Of course the Buffet mantra completely leaves out that Buffet pays the capital gains tax rate vs federal income tax. It’s kinda an apples vs oranges thing. Or in Obama’s case, standard operating procedure: if you can’t win honestly, just lie.)

Day in and day out, the printing presses over at the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Energy, the Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Labor, the Department of the Interior, and the Justice Department, are burning out bearings putting the progressive agenda into regulatory action.

Day in and day out, the cancer of ‘progressivism’ is being spread throughout the land, killing off freedom one politically correct regulation and bureaucratic edict at a time.

Every day that Obama stays in office and common sense is locked out of Harry Reid’s Senate, the America founded those now more than two centuries past upon the ideals of personal responsibility and individual liberty becomes weaker and weaker; weakened not by an invading army upon its shores, but by an ideology and world view hell bent on punishing her for perceived past transgressions and determined to redistribute wealth to those deemed more deserving with absolutely no regard for the truth or the consequential chaos from such blind adherence to failed policy.

So by all means, let’s go back to those wonderful days of higher taxes, cigars and blue dresses.

Your wish is granted Mr. President. You are free to implement the Clinton tax rates at will; just as soon as we see those tens of thousands of pages of regs turned into blank pages of 100% post consumer waste.

So whaddya say? Pretty good “compromise” is it not?

What’s that Mr. President? Sorry, we can’t seem to hear you.

Is that the sound that we’ve become so accustomed to hearing from you every time an idea that might actually WORK is presented?

You know, the sound of silence?

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