Adam Carolla “occupies” the truth about the “occupiers”

December 6, 2011

A few of America's "little darling" occupiers

(Publisher’s note: As promised, TheCorner re-engages the battle politic. And could it not be more fitting that the first topic be none other than those wonderful Americans we have been watching the main stream media fawn all over these past few weeks? You know, those darlings of the left, those well behaved, well groomed, epitome of ideals and virtue, otherwise known as “occupiers”?)

The idea was hatched in the warped mind of Canadian Kalle Lasn, propagated through his Adbusters magazine and website, and captured the fantasy of all good lefties throughout the land this past fall.

The idea is the “occupy” movement. You know, that “group” that took over privately owned Zucotti park in the name of “public” protest. The “group” that when finally sent packing in L.A. left behind 30 tons of trash and God only knows what else. The “group” that just this week decided it would be a good idea to build a barn like structure in McPherson Square in D.C. and then bask in the glory of member “David” pee on it while the crowd and police watched.

This “group” that Dear Leader, Pelosi, Reid, and the rest of the Democrat party elite have all stated publicly they either outright support or “sympathize” with attempts to put itself out there as a grassroots, organic uprising of everyday Americans just out to take their country back from those fat cat Wall Street bankers and that evil 1 percent.

But as usual with the dwainbwains we find controlling the left wing today, the reality of this “group” is far, far different than the rhetoric they spew forth. Some have even gone so far as to try to compare the movement to the Tea Party.

To compare this bunch of disease spreading, violence inducing, filth and folly to the Tea Party’s orderly, peaceful, “change through the political process” behavior could not a worse comparison be made.

From the very beginning, TheCorner has seen through the myth of the “movement” and extolled on such from the very beginning. (See October 7th, Obama respects “Occupy Wall Street” while dissing majority of America)

But no one to date has put it into better perspective than “Man Show” alum, Adam Carolla. Rather than join the train of the Hollywood elite and support the movement from behind the hypocrisy of their 1percent privacy fences protecting their 1percent estates, Carolla calls them out for what they are.

“What we created is a bunch of self-entitled monsters. People are so far out of it in what they expect and what they think realistic is and the set of rules that pertains to them versus the other guys.”

“There’s something that’s come up in this country that didn’t used to exist. And that’s envy, We’re now dealing with the first wave of participation-trophy, empowered, I feel so good about myself, everybody’s a winner, there’s no losers … that’s who we’re dealing with now.”

Carolla nails it. Never before have we seen in this country a group so warped in their thinking that they truly wake each morning wondering what the country is going to do for them today. (I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, John Kennedy couldn’t be elected dog catcher in today’s Democrat party. That lower taxes and citizens taking personal responsibility for themselves and their country be a good idea? Not in today’s Democrat party.)

Below is Carolla’s rant in an edited version:

To view the original unedited version click  here

Publisher’s note:  This post originally included the unedited Carolla, YouTube video with an explicit language warning.  Upon further editorial review I decided it better to replace the actual video with a link should you wish to view it.

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