Christmas First, remember the reason…….

December 25, 2011

Do not be afraid........

Whether it it be the pathetic postal worker who complained about his “union brother” wearing a Santa Clause suite on his rounds, or the atheists taking over what once were nativity scenes in California, or the absurdity and violence that broke out across the country over a stupid pair of tennis shoes , it would seem to an outside observer that Christmas has more to do with egos and materialism than Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Men.

But for all the idiocy we have here, let us not forget that there are Christians around the world being persecuted today for their faith just as they were those two millenium now past when the Prince of Peace brought forth to us salvation through him.

My own attempt to relay the “meaning” of Christmas first came to be now over twenty years ago. Each year the Corner reprints it in hopes that if at least one “remembers the reason for the season” then it be not a waste.



The world was but a cradle,
When the infant child was born.
Nothing but a manger,
For which to keep him warm.

The Angels’ chorus sang,
There was frankincense and myrrh,
Yet not a sound he made,
This child, with heart so pure.

No mortal man could see,
As the star shone down that night,
How this small defenseless babe,
Would fill the world with light.

For twas on that peaceful night,
God sent his only son.
That one day he’d be a man,
Eternal life would come.

So let us now rejoice,
Our souls through him redeemed.
Remember not the presents,
But what Christmas truly means……

Wishing you and yours, wherever you are, wherever they may be, a safe and joyous day and a very, Merry Christmas.


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2 Responses to Christmas First, remember the reason…….

  1. anson burlingame on December 26, 2011 at 12:24 pm


    It will be interesting to read the tone of our blogs this time next year. The election will be over but……

    For a sure an important year coming upon us in 2012. Some may say a pivotal year for America.


  2. Geoff on December 27, 2011 at 11:31 am

    Pivotal indeed. We either continue down the path to destruction that Obama, Pelosi and Reid have set us on or return the federal government to founding intent and give the future back to future generations rather than stealing from them to pay for selfishness today.


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