New Hampshire debate: Republicans = 6, Stephanopoulos = 0

January 8, 2012

For whom next shall stand this seal?

Iowa’s over, New Hampshire looms and South Carolina and Florida will still yield results before the end of the month.

Last night yet another Republican primary debate (sans Michelle Bachmann) sponsored by ABC and WMUR broadcast live from Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire.

As the addicted political junky that I am, I stayed home and watched the full two hours, dutifully taking notes and scribbling deep, insightful analysis in the margins. NOT

While I did watch it, I am nowhere near arrogant enough to think I could provide you “deep, insightful analysis”.

As debates go, it was your typical network media sponsored event. An opportunity for “journalists” to get themselves a good “gotcha” moment that would get itself replayed over and over the next day.

Former Clinton advisor and Democratic strategist George Stephanopoulos seemed to have forgotten that in the debate setting he was at least supposed to ACT neutral. But poor George just couldn’t help himself.  While he did his best to turn the debate into an “all about him” event, the amount of push back from the candidates was both remarkable and refreshing.

He went after the field, Romney and Paul especially, with all the anger of a cornered pit bull. Watching him question Romney’s facts without citing any of his own sources, going after Paul for 20 year old history when he and his cohorts won’t even look FIVE years back into Obama’s past, and to spending minute after minute demanding to know whether states had the right to ban contraception, was bittersweet at best.

Bitter in that New Hampshire voters could have really used a good debate laying out the important issues and how the candidates would deal with them.  Sweet in the fact that once again, yet another in the so called “mainstream” media showed just how far to the left some of them are willing to go to damage Obama’s opposition in November.

BUT, I will relay the obvious that you won’t hear from the Obama media anytime soon.

The world is a dangerous place these days. Perhaps even more so than the run up to WWII considering the atom’s out of the bottle and the current occupant sitting in the Oval Office (when’s he’s not playing golf or off to Hawaii) has done precious little to make it any safer (bin-laden yes, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, et al, no) and in many instances made it even worse with his indecision and “leading from behind” approach.

America has very stiff competition from a myriad of countries around the globe and can no longer keep living in the glory days of the 60’s when the world bought everything from us because there was no one else to buy it from. Growing the federal bureaucracy to attack the very private enterprises the country needs to recover economically may please the rabid dogs on the left but it will most certainly slow and possible forever impede long term economic growth. (Can anyone say Keystone, Solyndra, Boeing?)

America is also arriving at this point in history further in debt and with more entitlement spending than at any time in her history. Over five trillion of that said debt added just in the past three and a half years and Obama on the verge of requesting another 1.2 trillion increase in the debt ceiling. Yet as President he has yet, three years into his Presidency, to put forth a budget that is anything more than a “gimmick”. (Remember last year’s? You know the one voted down 97 to nothing by his own Democrat controlled Senate?)

Overall, all did well, no major gaffes (other than those provided by lil ol Georgie himself), and each and every one of them showed themselves a better alternative to the Dear Leader we are now forced to endure. Yes, that includes even Ron Paul. As I have much more faith in his belief in our checks and balances system of the Constitution than I do from Obama. (see “recess” appointment power used when Senate not actually in “recess”, GM bondholders kicked to curb for union payback, ignoring the courts on the gulf moratorium, using the EPA to arbitrarily shove fuel standards at the auto industry, prematurely forcing dozens of electric plants offline, creating new agencies and bureaucracies that will control every aspect of American life)

I may not believe everything Ron Paul stands for but I sure as hell know he sees the limits on executive power as put forth in the Constitution and this nation can ill afford another four years of a man who bemoans that great document as containing just too many pesky “negative liberties”.

As for soundbites and takeaways for any individual candidate last night, they all had at least one but Mitt Romney said it best:

If we don’t make the right choice this time, we may not be able to for a very, very long time. This is a critical time in the history of this country

Critical indeed Mr. Romney, and if the Corner can be so bold, let us all hope that this time next year when your name appears in a column it will be as President Romney.

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One Response to New Hampshire debate: Republicans = 6, Stephanopoulos = 0

  1. anson burlingame on January 8, 2012 at 10:39 am

    I missed the debate and watched football instead. But I certainly can imagine how it “went” with George S. leading the questioning. I wonder if Gingrich let him have it once or twice?

    I will say that in my view, we have now had enough GOP debates nationwide. The next such debate nationwide should by with ONE GOP candidate and President/Candidate Obama. I will NOT miss those for sure.

    Let the primaries now proceed, state by state, and may the best man win in each state as it votes. And I bet that George S. will not get close to the stage of later GOP/DEM national debates to ask his inane questions. Only real adults will be allow to do so later on.



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