The left’s hate for Koch unwarranted, unneeded, not wanted.

February 4, 2012

Koch Headquarters, Wichita Kansas

The rabid left and Joplin’s own version, the EC, loves to attack Koch Industries and the two Koch brothers, David and Charles with every chance they can get. (Type “Koch” in the search box on the EC and you get over a dozen hits just on the first page.)

There is perhaps no other American corporation loved to be hated more by the left than Wichita based Koch Industries.

The attacks are surprisingly boring (big, evil, private corporation sucking the life out of their slave employees while stashing away billions under their gold weave mattresses) and straight from the Karl Marx playbook but they do illustrate a mindset that’s been getting far more exposure than it deserves.

A mindset that capitalism and corporations are bad and that if only the “good” government gave the system and those evil corporations a healthy dose of “justice” all would be fine has been with us since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution but never before has it gotten the media voice that it is given today.

Never before in American history has this nation had a President so willing to divide us along class lines.

Never before in American history has this nation had a political party so closely aligned with the far left minority.

Never before in American history have we had so many, working so hard, to actually bring down the very system that made us the greatest and most powerful nation in human history.

And never before have we seen such devoted minions as Rep. Henry Waxman (D, CA) willing to use his position as a Congressman of the United States of America to spread falsehoods, innuendo and out right lies about an American company for the sole purpose of promoting his party and giving political cover to a failed President.

Early yesterday morning, Josh Peterson published a story on the Daily Caller telling how Waxman was going to make quite a show of a Koch – Keystone XL pipeline connection .

According to Peterson, Waxman is still holding to a now debunked story from a left wing blog SolveClimate (who’s since even changed its name) that was picked up by Reuters in May of 2011. In it the author claims that the Koch brothers were positioned to rake in billions if the Keystone XL pipeline was approved.

Never mind that the story has been debunked and that:

During a November 2011 earnings call, TransCanada CEO Russ Girling expressed his frustration with the Keystone proceedings. “We could add numerous things to the list that we’re dealing with on a daily basis that are mainly targeted at discrediting the process itself, that are targeted at discrediting the regulators, discrediting our employees, discrediting the company,” Girling said.

“I can tell you that Koch isn’t a shipper and I’ve never met the Koch brothers before,” he added.

I’ve known of and followed Waxman since the late 70’s and the Corner can state unequivocally that Henry Waxman has never let the truth get in his way when he’s on one of his left wing “missions”.

In response to the Waxman story I published the following online comment:

Last time I checked Koch Industries was an AMERICAN company, employing tens of thousands of AMERICANS paying those employees hundreds of millions of AMERICAN dollars in salary and benefits and paying even more of those AMERICAN dollars to the federal government in the form of taxes that PAY for all the programs that weasels like Waxman demand.

I graduated from Wichita State and grew up under the umbrella of Koch industries and it’s headquarters in Wichita. If this country had more Koch brothers and less Waxmans the budget would be balanced, future generations would not have had their nation stolen from them to payback political cronies, and the poor would not be suffering from artificially high energy prices do to the left’s chasing the “green energy” rainbow.

I watched this idiot try to destroy the nation’s healthcare system back in the 80’s and he’s gotten worse, not better. If there was ever a poster boy for just how much damage liberals can do to a free and independent citizenry, it is Henry Arnold Waxman.

It still sits atop the comment thread this morning as one of the most popular and commented on.

While it would be nice to think that such “popularity” is due to the great prose of the author, said author knows it has nothing to do with that.

It instead has to do with the fact that it struck a chord that rings so true to so many today: that the majority of us are getting sick and tired seeing this President and his minions continually bash American companies for doing nothing more than not wanting to be part of his left wing oligarchy.

The Banana Republic style demonization of legal, strong and prosperous home grown corporations for the sake of advancing a political agenda is anathema to the majority of the American body politic.

Just when the hell did creating American jobs, with American capital become a BAD thing in this country? While the Corner can’t pinpoint the exact time, the month was November, and the year was 2008.

Obama, Waxman, Pelosi, Reid, et al will stop at nothing to amass and retain for themselves political power with which to “transform” America into the western socialist utopia of their dreams. (Dreams that turn into nightmares by the way if you’re not part of their oligarchy.)

Jennifer Rubin over at the Washington Post says it quite well:

And let’s assume that the Koch’s do have an interest in the pipeline. I have no reason to believe so, but let’s say hypothetically Koch Industries wants to participate in the pipeline project for some reason. So what? The notion that Democrats would find it nefarious that the Koch’s would be looking to develop domestic energy sources to minimize our dependence on foreign oil speaks volumes about how unhinged the anti-Koch attacks have become. It also tells you all you need to know about how unserious the Democrats are in breaking our dependence on foreign oil.

And the Corner adds:

The fact that Waxman’s witch hunt of the Koch brothers conveniently mentions not a word about Obama crony Warren Buffet and the untold millions his Burlington Northern Railroad will rake in transporting oil sands pretty much says it all.


“The gravest danger to any democracy is not polarization, partisanship or even greed and corruption, it is quite simply, when fifty plus one no longer expect more from themselves than that which they demand from others.”


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2 Responses to The left’s hate for Koch unwarranted, unneeded, not wanted.

  1. anson burlingame on February 4, 2012 at 11:45 am


    The word “thugery” comes to mind in these kinds of attacks. Ihave seen it up front and personally in “combat” with unions, powerful national unions. They will stoop to nothing to gain advantage.

    Politics between intelligent people, debating ideas, can be enlightening. But when it reaches the level of acting like thugs, it is deaming and not worth the time spent to argue.

    Such attacks on the Koch’s pales in comparison to the lastest “over there” suggesting that conservatives are racist and conservative simply because they have low IQs.


  2. Geoff Caldwell on February 4, 2012 at 7:20 pm

    I know you’re fairly new to the “blogging” scene but trust me, the “thuggery” from the dems and the left is deep and long running. That’s why I’m so “up front and his face” over on Dwain’s little EC collection of diatribes.
    Sometimes the only way to confront a true “thug” or one who would support the policies of such is with their own tactics turned against them.
    Remember, it is Dwain himself who not that long ago wrote very proudly that he would use “ridicule and sarcasm” as a tool. I don’t deny him that right at all and quite frankly welcome it from time to time. My only issue with him and the Waxman’s of the world is how they squeal and whine when the same is turned right back on them.
    I’m a firm believer if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen and rest assured I’ll keep the heat up on ALL of em.


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