50 years on, media “grounds” coverage of Glenn’s historic flight

February 20, 2012

Friendship 7 lifts off, February 20, 1962

Fifty years ago today an anxious nation watched as a small metal cocoon sat atop thousands of pounds of pure explosives and awaited its destiny.  Inside that cocoon was a 40 year old Marine who knew that one errant spark could turn him and his machine into a pile of ashes in mere seconds and crippled America’s fledgling space program.

Fifty years ago today Scott Carpenter sent off his fellow star traveler with the now immortal words:   “God Speed John Glenn”.

Less than five hours later, it was all over and Glenn was once again bound by the surly bonds of earth.  An entire nation breathed a collective sigh of relief and NASA went about preparing for the next step in its quest to complete a young President’s challenge.

But while the radio waves that carried “God speed, John Glenn” across a nation have long ago hitchhiked their way into the unknowns of the universe, here on terra firma today a nation barely remembers.

As of this writing the major media websites have plenty of stories on Whitney Houston, that sex change “treatment” for kids is on the rise, and how a limping penguin finally found his footing, but not one story on the flight of Friendship 7 and its place in this nation’s history.

With the price of a gallon of gasoline at historic highs for this time frame, real unemployment in the mid-teens, and box after box on the grocery shelf getting smaller as the price goes higher Americans could be forgiven if there are a few other things on their minds than a five hour rocket ride fifty years past.

Americans can and should be forgiven, but the media should not.  Whether it be intentional non-reporting in favor of the latest sensationalism moving across the internet or unintended overlook there is no excuse for such journalistic incompetence.

A nation’s future is propelled by its history.  Be it good or bad it is a nation’s history that gives its “present” meaning and provides the road map for paths forward.

When the national media ignores that history for the shallow sensationalism of the moment it not only weakens our national identity it fogs our future.

How do you know where you want to go if you have no memory of where you’ve been?

Conspiracy theorists can point to the fact that the minion media is merely protecting their lover.  Fearful that highlighting America’s past space milestones and JFK’s famous challenge doesn’t contrast well with Obama’s historic grounding of American manned space flight.  (Too many comparisons with Kennedy’s unifying for the future vision against Obama’s dividing for the next election vision does not a good narrative make.)

The Corner sees a much “simpler” explanation.

With the beginning of our space program, we also saw the beginning of modern day “liberal-progressivism” and its march against our society, our schools, and our founding principles.

We have now arrived at the end of that march and see the consequences first hand:

  1. A nation more divided than at any time since the Civil War; a balkanized blanket of hyphenated occupiers demanding entitlements and invented “rights” all to justify their “victim” status.
  2. Millions of Americans now more filled with hate, envy and jealousy towards their fellow Americans than at ANY time in our history.
  3. An education system that was once the envy of the world reduced to nothing more than enclaves of indoctrination molding malleable young minds into mush willing to march on command.

And for all you lefties and faux intellectuals lurking about, yes, it IS that simple.

America was able to put men on the moon and return them safely to earth because those missions were built upon the history of the time.  After surviving the Depression and winning World War II going to the moon was easy for that “greatest generation”.

It does make one wonder though what would have happened if the left had gotten its way under Wilson instead of Johnson.

What if the message from the forty years prior to Friendship 7 had not been that any adversity was surmountable with hard work, dedication to cause, vision of focus and a nation united?

What if instead John Glenn’s generation had been told “you’re a victim, you’re owed, you’re being treated un-fairly, and only the government can give you fulfillment in life”?

What if indeed?  Now THAT would be a history needing forgotten.

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