Inside a liberal mind: A case study in truth denial

March 1, 2012

Inside a liberal mind one finds not just denial of basic truths but a scary propensity to ignore anything that threatens the ideology, no matter how factual.

If you’re one of the 80 percent of this nation that each year is thankful to confirm to the Gallup organization that you remain free of the mental disorder known as liberalism but yet secretly wonder just how bad the disease can get, the Corner has a rare treat for you this morning: A glimpse into the thought process of someone who’s mind is in the advanced stages of liberal denial syndrome, one Dwainbwain Graham , aka the Erstwhile Conservative.

While the Corner regularly illustrates the lunacy of the left in general and our own local village blithiot specifically, it rarely grants publishing space to the dribble itself. But a post ‘ol D.B. published late Tuesday night following the Michigan and Arizona Republican primaries is so far off the chart it has earned exposure to a broader audience.

While your humble columnist has no idea whether or not Dwain imbibes of the alcoholic spirits, there are only two explanations to the post you are about to read: He either does and went way over the limit Tuesday night or his disease has progressed much farther along than previously thought. The rant not only ignores the basic truths that the nation has been forced to endure under three years of the Obama administration it would require a Hillaryesque “suspension of disbelief” if it were meant to be taken seriously.

But enough with the suspense, EC dribble in black, the Corner corrections in red:

Apparently, Republican presidential campaign lies come in threes.

Rick Santorum said last night during his post-loss falsehood-fest in Michigan:

…we have a government that is crushing us every single day, with more taxes, more regulations, and the idea that they know better than you how to run your life.

Let’s count ’em up: Obama’s government is crushing us with (1) more taxes (2) more regulations and (3) run-your-life superiority, a trifecta of untruths.

Never mind that Obamacare and Dodd/Frank have put a blanket of taxation and fees upon this economy like none in history and never mind Obama has never wasted a breath not whining about “taxing” this or “fair sharing” that, to a liberal so far diseased as Graham it’s not a tax as long as his class doesn’t have to pay it. And when you add in the higher than needed energy and food costs due to this administration’s policies the result is more than crushing, it is down-right destroying for the poor who Obama “says” he wants to help and to the rest of us who he could care less about.

As for regulations, this administration has issued more major, over $100 million dollar regulations than any other in American history.

From the “Cambridge police acted stupidly” to the individual healthcare mandate, to the contraception edict, to job killing 52mpg café standards and forcing rear cameras in all 2014 cars and beyond (putting the average American further and further away from ever being able to afford a “new” car again), to closing off millions of acres of public land and off shore areas to energy production, to killing the Keystone pipeline, to kicking bondholders to the curb in favor of unions, this President and his administration has been in nothing but “run-your-life superiority mode since January 20th, 2009.

Mitt Romney said last night during his post-win lie-fest in Michigan, that Barack Obama,

put us on a path toward debt and deficits and decline.

Admittedly, Romney’s unholy trinity of falsehoods sounds good to Obama-hating ears, but the only way it could be true is if it were said about George W. Bush.

Funny, but it wasn’t George W. Bush that ran up over 5 trillion in debt in less than three years. It isn’t George W. Bush that’s spending so irresponsibly that another debt ceiling increase will probably be needed before the November elections. It wasn’t George W. Bush that oversaw the first downgrade in history to the United States credit rating.

Nope, that “tri-fecta” belongs solely to none other than Barack Hussein Obama.

Romney engaged in another tall-tale threesome:

We’ve seen enough of this president over the last three years to know that we don’t need another five years of President Obama—he thinks he’s unchecked by the Constitution, he’s unresponsive to the will of our people, and in a second term he would be unrestrained by the demands of reelection. If there’s one thing we can’t afford, it’s four years of Barack Obama with nothing to answer to.

Let me reiterate: Obama (1) “he thinks he’s unchecked by the Constitution” (2) “he’s unresponsive to the will of our people” (3) “he would be unrestrained by the demands of reelection.”

The Supreme Court just last January struck down by 9 – 0 Obama’s latest assault on the Constitution.

The will of the people is to repeal Obamacare but that isn’t happening. The will of the people is to secure the border and enforce immigration laws but every state that’s tried it is being sued by Obama’s Justice Department. The will of the people is to respect the Second Amendment but again, this administration tried to subvert it with Fast and Furious and got a United States Border Patrol agent killed in the process. The will of the people is that the President abide by the will of the people, not the will of his cronies.

Dear Leader is already talking of what he will do to “get around” Congress if he’s re-elected. While he has been a menace in his first term, another four years would be disastrous.

Keep all that stuff in mind as you read on.

Remember the controversy at the end of last year over the National Defense Authorization Act and the provision that allows the indefinite military detention of terrorist suspects—including Americans?

For now, thanks to Obama—who did what he promised when he signed the bill—apparently there is at least some reason to relax, if only while Mr. Obama is in office:

WASHINGTON — The White House released rules Tuesday evening waiving the most controversial piece of the new military detention law, and exempting U.S. citizens, as well as other broad categories of suspected terrorists…

Naturally, Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham (and Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire) are not exactly excited about the waiver and the temporary protection of our civil liberties:

“We are particularly concerned that some of these regulations may contradict the intent of the detainee provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act passed by Congress last year.”

All three senators were adamant that all terrorism suspects — American citizens or otherwise — should be taken into military custody.

McCain, Graham and Ayotte are as wrong as Obama, just for different reasons. The Senators are trying to avoid the political manipulation that Obama has done with Gitmo but are still on the wrong side of civil liberties with this one . A signing statement order means nothing as Obama himself has shown in reversing himself on the healthcare mandate issue. Obama could have vetoed the bill but he didn’t. That would take leadership and that is something just not known to our community organizer in chief.

Now, what we have here is an Administration, headed by a man who is supposedly “crushing us every single day” and who “thinks he’s unchecked by the Constitution” and is “unresponsive to the will of our people,” trumping three Republican senators whose disregard for the Constitution and the will of the people may one day be legendary.

The disregard for the Constitution and the will of the people is already legendary and the legend belongs, again to none other than Barack Hussein Obama.

So there you have it America.

Not only did you get to see inside the mind of a terminal liberal from the diseased mind itself, you can now perhaps have a bit more empathy towards those stricken with the disease.

For such rants do not come from sane, rational minds.

They are reserved for those so trapped in their ideology they can’t see the truth from their own lies, they are, in every sense of the word, dwainbwains in the worst of every way.

Obama 2012:  Kick him out or Kiss it goodbye.

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